Monday, January 28, 2013

Thinking of Others First

We live in a cruel world where everyone thinks of himself alone and his personal gain. There are certain secrets to successful living which most of us do not know and that is thinking of others, someone else is thinking or will think of you.

Our personal gain and interest has taken the better part of us,; we want to acquire wealth and success for ourselves without showing others the way up. When we are successful, naturally our friends and neighbors should be successful too. But it does not work that way because most people do not think of others at all.

Thinking of others first can help us become better people, it helps us think outside our world, assists us in learning and knowing what it is like to be that other person.

“There is a magnet in your heart that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first; when you learn to live for others, they will live for you” – Paramahansa Yogananda