Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Celebrity Setups

The theme is Fame
Made to deceive Fans
But it's all about Money
Never about Dignity

A scene is set up
For everyone to believe
A plot is made
And the prey is identified

We never realize
Until our money pays their bills
And we have been fooled
By celebrity setups

We stare and glare
At wealth and fame
Wishing to be them
Unknowningly we made them

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Real Realtionships

They come with real people
Real situations, real circumstances
Faced with love and hate
Endures joys and sadness
Overcomes fears and challenges
Sustains jealousy and heartbreaks
That is what makes them real

They avoid the public
Who has a thousand tongues to judge
What happens between them
Stays between them
Because they are real people
With real problems
Who overcome them in real ways.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


No one deserves to be alone.
The reason all things come in twos.
A person needs to talk
To be listened to, a companion is needed

Everyone needs an opinion of another
No one knows it all
Loneliness does not fit in
Where communication exists

To walk alone
Differs from talking alone
To think alone
Varies from feeling alone

All living things
Have companions
Never isolated
To avoid loneliness.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


A mental state
Where no one understands
Where life turns grey
And all colors fade
And grey becomes black
Until there is total darkness

A burden to bear
When no one can see
The weight so large
And the mind so dead
But an empty soul
Vanishing away

Does anyone notice?
How depressed a neighbor is
Or we hide our noses indoors
And avoid to relate
Until the trigger wakes us at night
To the loss of a depressed one

What would it cost you?
To ask 'Are you alright?'
And lend a listening ear
A sigh or a nod
Can save a life
And cure a depressed soul.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

True Friendship

When you laugh
I laugh
When you are happy 
I am happy

Your smile 
Lights up my day
Your frown 
Depresses me

I bleed 
When you are in pain
I weep 
When you face shame

Like a brother
From another mother
True friendship
Lasts forever. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Women who raise children
Are mothers
Women who birth children
Women who never gave birth
All raise children
With love and care
Discipline and nurture
Is a mother

Women who feel another's pain
Are mothers
Women who have sleepless nights
Women who get ill with their children
All for the love
With compassion and devotion
A job unpaid for
And always on duty

Women who are selfless
Are mothers
Women who are responsible
Women who are role models
All living one life
With understanding and sacrifice
Generously living as a watchman
Happy Mothers Day!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Owing No One

It is your life
There are things in life
Which you owe no one
An explanation

What you eat
As long as you are healthy
It's no ones concern
It's your life

Where you live
As long as you can afford the rent
And you live peacefully
It's your business alone

What you wear
As long as it it modest and clean
And you inspire others
It's solely your concern.

Your plans for your future
As long as they are positive
Not hurting others but lifting you up
It's your life.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Determine to Succeed

Your success
My success 
Is not determined by anyone
It is all in our hands

Whatever we work at
No matter how long it takes
Always results in success
It is only a matter of time

Those who find excuses
Only seek escape routes
And success is always far
From those who don't persevere.

Welcome to May!!!

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the month of May!

The focus of this month will be on real things happening around us, perceptions and views but remember we never judge anyone for their actions, just observing.