Friday, January 31, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists concluded
Now we all ponder on the whereabouts of Paul. He is still out there and probably still in that town, but it has been years since the incidence occured and the town still continues to unfold more scandals.

More secrets from the town of Razia in March...

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth

Everyone likes to receive gifts; big gifts and small gifts, we all look forward to them. Whenever we expect gifts, we are sometimes disappointed when the gift is not what we anticipated or not large enough. We need to be grateful for every gift we receive, as long as it comes from the heart of the giver. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine, Anniversary gifts should not weighed by size and price but by the sincerity of the giver. So please don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
Monica refused to be comforted, she demanded for Paul's head. But the law enforcement officers reprimanded her. Jerry was relieved but disappointed. His brother had become a fugitive and it was all to protect him. Paul should have let him pay her and now he was wanted for murder; while Elfrider lay cold in the morgue with wrists slashed.

Eating Crow

Never have I heard or seen an employer eating crow before his employees. There are several times employers are wrong but they never admit to it. It takes a courageous man to admit wrong and face humiliation before his subordinates, even though this act of humility will gain him respect and trust from his employees. But it is hardly heard of; highly placed persons would rather shield their wrongs never admitting to others. Are you one of such?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
They struggled for a while and Elfrider produced a pocket knife swearing to kill him if he involved the police. Frida the house keeper tried to plead with them but the struggle went on. She took the girls and locked herself up with them safely with her in the play room until she heard a scream and silence.

Between a rock and a hard place

Life seems unbearable a times and we find ourselves in difficult situations it is impossible to make decisions. Being between a rock and a hard place is common among many particularly youths in choosing careers, relationships and friends. To help yourself is to seek advice from a reasonable adult who can help guide you through, without any mistakes being made.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
 He decided to go to the police. But had to hear the truth from Elfrider first. He had a recorder and decided to tape their conversation. Elfrider did not deny it but instructed Paul to inform Jerry to return early. Paul laughed at her and revealed the tape recorder. Elfrider was furious and sprung at Paul.

Hold a candle

Inferiority complex affects us all in one way or the other; in our social lives at work or in the home. We usually feel so useless it is difficult to hold a candle because we know much is expected of us. Whenever we find ourselves in situations that seem too big for us to handle, we should whisper to ourselves 'I can do anything'. Having faith in oneself is the most important way to conquer challenges. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
Paul was convinced and satisfied. He sent a message to his brother assuring him he would be a free man in a couple of days. But Paul could not assure himself he could handle Elfrider and her goons. This worried him a lot.

You're pulling my leg

A form of trick or joke, usually over rated or exaggerated to cause doubt, little belief or when successful completely fools people. It is alright to pull peoples legs with cordial stories and safe ones and never tragic news or disastrous forecasts.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
He was in a cafe where the car had parked. He noticed Elfrider was sitting with two young men and they all looked anxious. He could tell the men depended on her to finish the job on her brother in-law. They needed the money. They had set Jerry up, it was time for him to pay but he was out of town.

Barking up the wrong tree

Most a times we follow a course we think is the right direction to success but we end up barking up the wrong tree. Mistakes can be corrected and rectified if we notice them early. Mistakes are necessary in life so we can learn, improve and help others from barking up the wrong tree.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
When he retired for the night, he thought he heard the sound of a car. Tired with endless research, he decided to sleep but suddenly jerked out of bed and slid through the back door just in time to see the car drive quietly away. He picked up Maria's bike lying in the garden and sped after the car unnoticed.

Break a Leg

Wishing someone good luck is the best thing you can do for someone. It gives them confidence they can do anything. Telling someone to break a leg is a source of encouragement and motivation to do more. So go break a leg y'all in life, the sky's your limit.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
Paul worked day and night, trying to figure out who Elfrider worked for. He slumped in his brother's chair in exhaustion and was awakened by a mocking laugh. Elfrider stood by the door, lollipop in mouth with a mocking grin across her face. Paul stared at her with hatred, knowing she wouldn't laugh for too long.

Don't count your chickens before they're hatched

It is advised not to make major plans before a deal pulls through successfully. This gives better planning and organization. Life is full of disappointments, it is better to be prepared than prepare for something that might not pull through. It is good to hope but don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
Monica was convinced it was a business trip that required her attention and she would meet prominent personalities. Elfrider was taken off guard. She wondered if this was true or made up, she could do nothing about it and simply waved her sister goodbye. And it really was goodbye.

Crocodile Tears

Women in particular are fond of displaying crocodile tears in moments of trouble or grief. Acting as though troubled or grieved, these tears pose to deceive many and think it is really from the heart. Crocodile tears serve in two ways; deceitful display of grief and attention from others. The easiest way to detect crocodile tears is when the person is shedding tears and looking around or the person is guilty of an offense and decides to cry to seek for pity and mercy. Men are guilty of this too even when caught in the act, they tend to blame someone else. Do not be deceived, people are deceiving.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
Paul promised to fix it. Jerry did not want him getting involved, but with so much conviction and experience Jerry could conclude Paul could be of great help. But Jerry had to leave town. It was part of the plan he left with Monica, a difficult task to accomplish.

Let the cat out of the bag

Most people let the cat out of the bag unintentionally most times when they are excited, scared or trying to please others.  Self-control is what helps all from spilling others secrets and being discreet. Being able to keep others secrets makes us trusted and reliable, but being a spiller encourages others to hide things from us. Which team are you on?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
Someone did understand, Paul did. He found what had depressed his brother. Jerry's marriage was at stake and so was his life with the blackmailers sprawling around. Paul decided to fix it. He waited up for Jerry to return and handed him the envelope. As soon as Jerry opened its contents, he grew white.

Don't Cry over spilled Milk

We all make mistakes. Without mistakes we would have no experience, without experiences, we would have no story to tell, without tales there would be no lessons for others to learn from and without lessons, the world would be a naive community. Someone has to go through an ordeal for others to learn but when we think we can turn back the hands of time and try to change the lash, it is unimaginable. Whatever has happened should be considered an experience and a lesson, don't cry over spilled milk. You have life, live it; there is a chance for everyone.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
He did not know what the phone call meant. He was threatened by an unknown voice. A voice that seemed desperate. He had done nothing wrong, only shared a drink and they were after him. Jerry thought of telling Monica but knew she would never understand-she never did.

Beating around the Bush

I thought going around circles before arriving at your main point was cool and people thought of you as important. Little did I know that beating around the bush simply meant you had little or no courage to make a point or defend your cause. It seemed mature to me when I listen to great men speak and addressing the main point later in their speeches. I came to realize there is a difference between preamble and beating around the bush. When making a point, it is best made first before jokes and instances come in. Thus way you strike your audience and listeners as someone intelligent.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...

Paul decided to confront Elfrider about her life and her relationship with Jerry but she seemed not to know what Paul was talking about. But Paul found it one night on Jerry's home desk. He was alarmed. No one had seen it , not even the man it was meant for. And so he took it.

A fool and his money are soon parted

''Life is short'' is a common phrase among people who live for the moment. The same reason why a whole lot of people run out of money so fast. They spend unwisely thinking the wealth is wasted if not spent forgetting the words 'save' and 'invest'. The only way to describe it as such, a fool and his money are soon parted; money runs out faster than flowing water. The foolish way of spending only draws a person farther from wealth and success. There is a limit to everything.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
When things seemed to look normal again, she returned. Elfrider was back and Jerry disappeared. He seemed too busy at work; left home before sunrise and arrived after midnight. Even his children barely saw him anymore. His wife could care less; her sister was back and they were having fun again.

Break the Ice

Silence exists everywhere and with everyone. But when it becomes strained with friends and loved ones, it becomes harmful. The only way to break the ice is to be the older person. Make the first move, shun the past, talk on happy and things you both have in common. This motivates the other person to reciprocate and act in likewise manner. To break the ice does not take anything from us, neither does it make us the fool. It only helps us teach others there are other ways of showing dignity and that is through maturity.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
Monica was going crazy, her sister had been gone for too long; six weeks looked like eternity. She needed her, irritated with Paul's stay, she pouted all day as younger brother waited on older brother till he was well again.

Let your hair down

Caution is the watch word in the world we live in. Everyone has a secret which can either be told or untold. Certain people derive means of getting peoples secrets from them by acting friendly and caring. The bottom line is a secret you know can ruin you should be kept to yourself alone. The day you let your hair down may be the last time you walk freely in public. We should be careful whom we tell our most guarded feelings to, they may be out to destroy us.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
Elfrider had to go on a short trip, she seemed nervous about the trip and her sister Monica had to convince her to postpone the trip but she insisted on leaving. While Elf rider was away, Jerry was normal again. No one noticed this but Paul and so he decided to move in for a few weeks.

Kick the Bucket

Certain terminologies apply only to the elderly. And in certain circumstances where the old person has lived a well full age of fun and achievement, that person has kicked the bucket. Such funerals are filled with praises and achievements of the late as well as a merriment farewell celebration-a life well lived. This does not apply to persons who die young or through terrible illnesses but those who leave peacefully in a well old age.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
In less than fifteen minutes, the Doctor had arrived and had resuscitated Jerry. He looked frail with worry. Monica explained he had received a phone call just after dinner and he seemed to be pleading with the caller. There was no compromise and Jerry collapsed in his arm chair. The Doctor asked if he was in debts or was being blackmailed but Monica denied it all, her husband was clean and living a happy life. But the Doctor knew there was more to it.

Go the whole 9 yards

Short cuts may seem faster and easier, but to go the whole nine yards helps so much in experience and facing challenges in a gradual manner. It takes a while for many to realize it but once they do, they would rather prefer going the whole way than quick methods. Using wealth as an example; quick cash is easy to make and spend with less experiences, while accumulation of wealth is a gradual school of experience which takes years to attain its desired goal. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
He was awake with the ringing of his telephone. He was not on call and he sleepily took the receiver with weak hands. It was his patient, Monica. She was crying and yelling at the same time. But Doctor Bill was able to make out the words ''Jerry slumped...a phone call...hurry.'' 

Give the cold shoulder

To many whom wealth comes to suddenly, to some whom have low self-esteem, to most who have been hurt and bullied in the past give the cold shoulder to those who have been mean to us and have made life unbearable. Such people should be made to envy our success and what we have made our lives to become. We should be proud we made it in life. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Short Story - The Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
Paul tried to talk to Fider, the help. But she was as ignorant as he was. She kept her mistress and her daughters happy and had no role in family affairs. Elfrider's movements were stranger than before and Paul grew more suspicious than ever.

Caught red handed

Thieves and robbers are not the only ones who get caught red handed, we all do. There are times we do things we would not want anyone to know and when we do get caught, we find it hard to live with ourselves. There is a criminal in us all, we sometimes find it hard to live simple and straight forward lives. We find ourselves in situations we cannot escape and when caught red handed, life seems over. There is no shame in being found out, only amend your old ways and move on. Everyone does.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued....
Jerry tried to hide the truth from Paul; he lived in denial and worried much. Paul spoke to Monica about it but she only shrugged it was work that made Jerry depressed. Paul watched closely and noticed Elfrider was more delightful than ever. She neither spoke to nor came close to Jerry, but she seemed to be in control.

Blood is thicker than water

In the world we live in, we need family mire than ever. Though they are treacherous and mean sometimes, if you find a family or family member that is like a friend, hold on to them. In situations where we are always at war, logger heads with our family, when trouble arises like an ailment, accident or death, we leave our friends and private life and want to help in every way we can. No matter how bitter we may seem, we cannot live life in peace knowing a family member is dying. In every way we try, blood is thicker than water, that soft spot remains forever in us.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...

Jerry was deteriorating; his wife Monica rarely noticed. She was busy shopping, going out with her sister and being with friends. No one seemed to notice as Jerry gradually slipped into depression. But someone came to the rescue soon after. Paul was back and decided to visit his brother, but what he saw caused tears to fall from his eyes.

As busy as a bee

Tight schedules are difficult to avoid in a productive life and can be limited to keep our friends and family close. We can be as busy as a bee but there must still be time reserved for the people we love. Often, people feel unwanted and uncared for, ending up in other people’s arms. This is mainly to find warmth and comfort and attention since we are too busy making money or too busy climbing the corporate ladder and planning for the future. We should be too busy making the lives of our loved ones better by being there for them and them for us. Life can be sweet if we give it a chance.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
Paul tried to figure out what she had gone into the room to get. She had left the room with an envelope tucked under her armpit. He decided to search her room once again but found nothing. He wondered what she was and who she worked with. She was very wealthy but had no job. Paul had to take a trip, but promised to solve the sneaking sister-in law.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

People we see everyday and at all times are often taken for granted. Those we rarely see are often valued higher than those within our reach. When we do meet such persons again, our heart goes out to them but diminishes the longer the person is with us. It is like a normal law of life, it is natural and unplanned. The one away is closer than the one at home. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...
She walked in the shadows, avoiding the light. He followed, avoiding the light and avoiding her. She found the knob and turned it as she disappeared into the dark room. He waited for her to appear, but she did not. It took half an hour before he heard the sound of the door gently opened and she appeared looking from side to side. Confirming she was alone, she turned into the lonely street and disappeared into the night. 

Back to square one

Putting all hopes in a particular idea or thing poses to be very dangerous in life. So much dedicated effort and vigor and life sets in, taking us back to square one can be very disappointing. It is advisable to leave room for failure in case we do not succeed initially; this helps and prevents us from going back to the bottom. Even in situations where we realise we are back at the bottom does not actually mean we have failed but there are some aspects that need to be corrected. Stand tall and proud and never feel you're back to square one because your ascent would differ greatly than when you initially started.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...

Monica was happy now; she had her sister beside her. Jerry was not the only one with a doting brother to confide in. Life was complete now. Fida cleaned and cooked, Elfrider watched the girls and shopped with her. Jerry was pleased his wife was happy and all was well until....

Curiosity killed the cat

To be curious intends you have a hunch, you suspect someone or you need more information about someone or something. Curiosity a times kills the cat but there are exceptions especially in relationships. When in doubt, it is necessary to be curious; when you intend to spend the rest of your life with a person, it is ideal to find out things that your partner may not be telling you. It is termed curiosity and you may find out things that do not please you but it is best known. Don't feel guilty for knowing the truth, just be glad everything is clear to you and you can either live with it or move on with life.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The slashed Wrists continued...
Paul was uncomfortable with Elfrider's stay in his brother's house. There was something strange about her, but he couldn't put his hand on it. He went through her things when she was out with Monica, but everything seemed clean. Paul was determined to find out. It took days, weeks and months and he finally found out what it was.

A piece of cake

Life seems like a piece of cake most times, when we are guided by experienced people or we have a solution for every challenge we face. But this is not always the case. There are times when we are the pioneers of certain situations and in such situations; life does not seem like a piece of cake. The most ideal thing is to be humble and sober when going through life, this will help one to be careful, observant and prepared for what is to come. Life is full of surprises and so are the challenges that surround it.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...

A wish granted can never be revoked if it turns sour. People need to take a peek into the future to see if their wish is healthy for everyone involved and not themselves alone. Monica did not take a sneak peek into the future; she wanted what Jerry had, a sibling close to him. And so, Monica brought in Elfrider; and their nightmares began...

Ignore haters

They exist everywhere we go; at work, school, neighborhood, in the mall, where we shop and even in the family. These people get into our head, our mind and affect our daily lives. Haters make us become like them, hating ourselves and others eventually. The only way to help ourselves is to ignore them. Haters make us believe what does not exist, they create scenarios that exist only in their minds and transfer it to our minds and it takes form and consumes us; but how do we avoid these mind seeping people? Ignore Them! Whatever damage they may have caused, you can start today and the haters move on to someone else or begin loving themselves. Anything's possible.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...

Jerry loved his wife Monica so much he gave her everything she asked for. Paul, Jerry's brother, quick tempered and silent visited occasionally. Monica did not like Paul's quietness and he was unfriendly to the girls. But Paul guarded his brother closely and alerted Jerry about Monica's unwise decision. Jerry never said 'No' to his wife and so her wish was granted.

Live everyday like your last

Valuing life makes it longer and more enjoyable. I believe if you live life like you would be here for a short while, then you may live till you are very old. Living everyday like your last means living to fulfillment and avoid putting off what you can do today till tomorrow; there may never be a tomorrow for you. But living today like it was your last on earth would make you achieve a whole lot before you even realize it.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued...

It was known Monica liked to live like a Princess; she hated to do chores and would also have her daughters treated in similar ways. Monica hired a maid, Fida. Experienced and good with children, Fida worked diligently. But life was out to torture Monica. She brought in someone she lived to regret till this day.

Stick to your beliefs

It is not a crime to believe in things others do not. We need not join the crowd because we want to be accepted, rather we should be able to defend  our beliefs; why we believe, what motivates the belief and the positive impact of the belief. Aggression will not help others believe in our beliefs, rather it would make them flee from us. There is even no need to preach it, as long as it works for us, others will inquire and come and believe.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists continued

Monica lived with her husband in a bungalow in the town of Razia. They both cherished their daughters, Maria and Nada who were ten and eight respectively. Life would have been much more relieving if the couple had lived alone with their daughters. But they were wise in their own eyes and brought in trouble-big trouble.

Respect yourself, if you want others to do the same

There are some theories that do not go well with others and even yourself; it is called 'seeking for respect'. Many individuals love being respected, have the notion that once they are older than you, you have no choice but to respect them. This comes in diverse forms like being rude to the younger person, making decisions for them and even insulting the younger person. Naturally, this behavior is insane and needs to be addressed to make peace reign and develop a better relationship with everyone around you. It does not matter how old you are or how well placed you are in the society, what matters most is you respect yourself if you want others do the same. It does not take much, just being someone who loves and respects others.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

The Slashed Wrists

Little towns always come with big problems. Razia was no exception, it was small quite alright but had major events that could take down an entire country. From minor scandals to major ones, Razia was always heard of but never in the news. The people did know how to keep their affairs hushed. Even the incident of the slashed wrists...

If you want something done, do it yourself

There is only one of you, the way you want things done is always different from the way others want it. Most of the time it is necessary to delegate but this does not always work. We get satisfaction when things are done the way we want it done. So many times we don't have time to get things done but we need to create that time. In situations where you try to save time and make someone else do the job for us; but that someone does it the way he knows how which may seem inferior to us, in reality, no time has been saved but lost because the job has to be done again by you and with tension. So why not do it yourself if you believe in yourself a hundred percent and you are willing to sacrifice time to attain perfection?

Happy New Year

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