Friday, January 18, 2013

Composure on a Hot Date

Hot dates come once in a blue moon. Hot dates are dating partners who have no blemish-very attractive, well dressed, perfectly behaved, shower their partners with attention and most importantly, looks like someone from a movie.

These attributes can be discouraging especially when you feel intimidated, either by being under dressed and the entire restaurant is stealing a glimpse at your date. In order to beat this complex nature trying to ruin your night, learn to raise your head high; you may not be as good looking as your date but the night is not about competition. Try to imagine it’s a movie scene and the onlookers are the viewers. Endeavor not to make your date feel small or have the notion you are intimidated. Eat in little bits and drink with grace and class, most dates are aimed at impressing the person you are out with.

Composure on a hot date creates a warm and friendly atmosphere; your date will want to see you again and again. But beware, the next time that happens, your date would not be as hot as the first day, rather would want to look and appear more like you.

“Dating should be less about matching outward circumstances than meeting your inner necessity”-eathian