Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pets have Feelings

Pets are like humans, they feel pain, love, and suffering, are very sensitive. Pet lovers would agree that when the owner is unhappy, the pet is likewise unhappy. Pets are in our lives to add color, to give us support, to see the world in a different perspective. Humans are guide to pets and pets are guides to humans in return. The way we treat our pets is the way our pets will treat us.

Some people do not like pets; therefore they should not have pets. The way we feel towards a pet can be felt by the pet itself. When love radiates from us, it draws the pet closer to us, a feeling of rejection repels the pets from us. Pets are more spiritual than humans and so can feel our innermost senses before we even show them.

 To have a pet, love must be shown like you would want to be loved. Speak to the pet, walk, play, laugh and share your thoughts. They are living creatures and understand our innermost care; above all the love of a pet is unconditional.

“Some people say they love animals and yet harm them nonetheless; I’m glad those people don’t love me”-Marc Bekoff