Friday, November 29, 2013

Poem for the Day - Twin Brother

Never separated
Until this day
Life was difficult
Without twin brother

Never decided alone
Until today
Life felt queer
Without twin brother

Peace with your Boss

Being at peace with your boss is easy:
1.       Be punctual
2.       Be good at your job
3.       Accept criticism
4.       Never argue but appeal to your boss
5.       Be a motivator
6.       Be a role model to other staff
7.       Be approachable
8.       Be ready to sacrifice extra time
9.       Be creative and innovative

10.   Try not to intimidate your boss with your good skills

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Poem for the Day - Ex-Wife

Dangerous as a foe
Cunny as evil
Beautiful as life
Sweet as candy
Brilliant as a serpent
Was my ex-wife

Being widowed is not the End

The end of a relationship with death being the cause is not the end of life, rather it is a time to venture into things you’ve always wanted to do.
1.       Take a long trip to a desired location.
2.       Date again
3.       Pursue the career you never had time for
4.       Be a hero and do something wild/heroic

5.       Do not pity yourself, but appreciate yourself.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Poem for the Day - Wife

The memories of she
Was what he lived for?
She had become anothers’
Only in this lifetime

He swore he’d have her
In the next life
She would become his
His wife alone

How to end a Relationship

Being in a loveless relationship is the worst thing that can happen to a person. Being in a selfish relationship can also be hideous and needs to come to an end. But the question is, how do you end a relationship?
1.       Be frank
2.       Be confident
3.       Think of what is best
4.       Be honest with your partner
5.       Let your partner see how you see things

You’ll end up having this person as a friend eventually.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Poem for the Day - Twin

He had a feeling
His twin still lived
She was all over
He felt her pain
And knew her shame
A reincarnation maybe
In another part
But he knew it
A twin he had

How to start a Relationship

The first step to begin a relationship is loving yourself and understanding yourself. This helps you know what is right for you and who is right for you.
You need to be attracted to qualities in a person that suits your personality for a long lasting relationship.
You need to be honest.
You need to listen and be open to criticism and detect seriousness/unseriousness.

You need to get deeper meaning from what the person is saying and above all, shun a possessive character; it won’t end well.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Poem for the Day - Widow

Pity she sought
From those who cared
Loneliness she taught
Everywhere she fled
Till she met them
In a circle in one place
None of them
Looked like she-with no face
Not a thing to tell their loss
They were strong women
And they helped her cause
She was like them with a loss

The Perfect Employee

The perfect employee is the person who sees himself as an innovator of ideas, moving the company or organization forward. The perfect employee is willing and able to work at all times with little or no extra pay. The perfect employee cab be kept perfect when appreciated and rewarded continuously. The perfect employee affects others in the work place in a positive way.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Poem for the Day - Twin Sister

Her face
Was mine
All knew her pace
Nothing like mine

I had grace
Hers was not fine
Tarnished the face
That could be a gold mine

Agreement with Acquaintances

Nobody thinks like us or acts like us and this can be very frustrating when dealing with acquaintances. Some of them feel they know, they make the loudest noises and hardly see the way forward. There’s only one way to score with them and that is by agreeing to everything they say but doing what is best for you, the company and the organization. But if confronted on why you chose your way, just say you chose to go with the flow.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Poem for the Day - Uncle

My own genie
Before I breathe
He grants my wish
Like rubbing a lamp
He gives my request and much more
Like a father
He does more heartily
My own uncle

Quit being Single

When relationships seem to be failing and you blame all the people you have dated or been with, it is about time you point the fingers to yourself. You are the one with the problem and you can quit being single by changing your behavior around the opposite gender; be natural, don’t aim for what you’ve always aimed for. Rather let things go smoothly and natural.
Being single is synonymous to being broke. Try and be open to variety, for your limitations may have delayed you over time.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Poem for the Day - Son

Lost at sea
A career turn curse
Who would have known?
His insistent so cruel
Was he really lost?
None could tell
Always wanted to leave
Unsure he’s lost at sea

Family Travel

Taking a trip with the family consisting of parents and children can be fun and strenuous at the same time. It is necessary to pack everything that makes everyone comfortable. Planning for cool things to do on the trip and when you arrive your destination is also necessary. Family travel demands cash and time from parents and independent adults among children. Saving can help have a good vacation and so does leaving work at home help with family time.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Poem for the Day - Step-Father

Better than a father
More than a husband
He showed concern
Made in this grace
They all marveled
Admired his strength
And wished all could be
Like his step-father
Passionately called Father

Romance in Sports

Like every other career, sports has its own romance; with two sports people being involved in love. This type of romance is very healthy, with the two engaged in exercise, training, similar diets and scheduled time. It is usually fun dating someone whose schedules are similar to yours; this does not provoke disagreements and misunderstanding since they both are aware of their job challenges, there are tendencies they understand each other better. Comment if I’m wrong.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Poem for the Day - Sister

He felt it
He knew he was not alone
Raised alone
But he felt her
Never knew her
But accepted he’d find
His sister someday

Protecting the Body from Abuse

Abuse comes in diverse ways; physical, emotional, psychological and social. Physical abuse is the form which can affect our body. In order to protect it from this while the abuser is seeking help, these can be done:
1.       Constantly wear  helmet/head guard when abuser is around
2.       Exercise frequently
3.       Apply pain relief balm when hit

4.       Report the abuser to authority (anonymously/in person)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Poem for the Day - Nephew

My son they thought
So closely attached
Feeling his pains
As mine constantly
A nephew like no other
Like the son I always
Always sought for

How Jobs Interfere with your Relationships

Humans are temperamental, no matter how full of life they are. A stressful job creates a jumpy person; no matter how much in love we are, there are tendencies of this demanding job to affect us. This is mostly observed when we are unusually quiet, say little and quick to take offense.  But with a little yoga after work and understanding from your partner, the job may not interfere in your relationship when you talk about it and take things easy and calmly.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Poem for the Day - Mother

My best friend
Or so I thought
Always there for me
From childhood
But I grew
And I saw the truth
She resented all I did
For she was my mother?
Never did I match up
And I chose a soul mate
Then she withdrew
I may never have again
That mother I thought
Was my best friend

Protecting the Mind from Abusive Relationships

Abusive relationships have a way of sickening the mind so much thoughts of low self esteem creeps in then consumes the body. Most people find themselves in abusive relationships, but the mind can be protected from such.
1.       Be rest assured the abuser is not better than you.
2.       Meditate on the fact that it will be over soon
3.       Try to mimick the abuser in front of the mirror and laugh or cry out loud.

4.       Report the abuser to authority.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Poem for the Day - Parents

All knowing

Never wrong
Role models
Never truthful
Never understanding
For they’ve been where

Children have never been

Family Celebrations

Family celebrations come with lots of anxiety, fun and love. They also come with strife and malice a times; but that is what makes a family. The disagreements, the insincerity, the non-disclosure, the secrets and the memories are always brought at the table when there are family celebrations. These celebrations come once in a while and the best should be brought out of it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Poem for the Day - Niece

Pink was her name
And all that qualified her
Pink baby
Pink nappy
She smelled pink
If pink had odor
A perfect pink princess

That my niece was

Crime in Relationships

Relationships are meant to be opportunities to learn to know one another. But some relationships have grown so complex when one person wants to leave the other, the other refuses a separation and crime sets in. some couples are guilty of having murdered their spouses or partner just to get away from them. Some are caught while others still walk among us today. It is offensive to take someone’s life in order to get away from the person. Why not leave or separate rather than killing?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Poem for the Day - Grandparents

All knew when they came
Perfume of herbs and spices
It seemed with their fame
Their lives lived like dices
Nothing like a game
Or any form of disguise
Good people without shame

And eyes so wise

The Perfect Clothes for the Right Occasion

Every occasion, no matter how simple or complex the event; the perfect clothes to rhyme are the best to put on. Consider these events and the right outfits to wear.
-Cocktail Party
-Friends Hang-Out
-Meeting the In-laws
-Dinner with Colleagues
-Pool Party
A Cocktail Party will be ideal if a dinner gown (short/long) with heels are worn by the ladies and a dark suit will be suitable for the guys.
Friends Hang-Out would be most appropriate with jeans and a t-shirt will go for both men and women.
Meeting the In-laws; anything decent , avoid jeans especially on first meetings.
Dinner with Colleagues goes with a blend of both corporate and casual wears.
Pool Party; shorts, swim trunk and tank are appropriate.

Any more ideas on events and outfits? 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Poem for the Day - Son In-law

A son he never had
Half a dozen daughters
Home filled with pink and perfume
And then he came
To possess a flower
And his son he became

Though a son in-law to others

How to Study the Mind of loved ones

If you love someone, family, friend, lover, colleague, classmate or neighbor and you want to understand them and have a good relationship, you will need to study their minds this way:
1.       Listen to every single word they say
2.       Try to put yourself in their situation
3.       Be realistic and non-judgmental
4.       Be encouraging
5.       Be ready to know the person consciously and continuously

In no time, you would have known the person and everything that concerns your loved one. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Poem for the Day - Great Grandchild

Who knew she’d see
In her time
Her lifetime
She declared barren
And out popped a son
Grew so fast
And won’t stop producing
And smiles when finally

Her great grandchild arrived 

How the environment affects your relationship

It is normal for hostile environments to make you aggressive and hostile yourself in relationships. A peaceful and calm environment adds positively to your relationship. Something else that affects your relationship is the company you keep; single ladies keeping a company of single ladies encourages no commitment or no relationship at all. Likewise married people have targets to meet while spending time with other married people; striving to attain or achieve far above the others. Company and environment affects relationships in great ways.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Poem for the Day - In-laws

Always right
In their eyes only
Created to find fault
Nothing seems good
With them a robber you are
Robbed them of their member
Like a cult they’ve formed
So their family remains together

And a new member an enemy

Managing Family Health

So many families exist with their own health secrets and family health history. Some are minor while others are major. In situations where the illness is hereditary, preventive measures are mandatory to be taken. But in cases of HIV/AIDS, support must be given to the carrier without segregation or castigation. This places the carrier in a position of safety and comfort.
Treating family Health like it was you with the sickness or illness would make you realize how important it is to support family and friends.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Poem for the Day - Grandfather

His clock chimed twelve
His arrival was here
He was gone but here
Every midnight
His clock chimes to welcome him
Grandfather still lives
In our hearts

In the clock

Education barrier in developing a relationship

A young relationship often suffers when education stands between them. For instance, when two young lovers attend schools in different towns, it causes a barrier for physical communication. But with the role the internet plays, it encourages distant relationships to be successful. But what about physical needs? How possible is it that the relationship would not face troubles?

Bridging the gap by sacrificing time for physical contact will help hinder the barriers education may have created.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Poem for the Day - Ex-Husband

Lax knew it too
All knew it well
Her ex was better
And a lot smarter
Lax was with another
He smelled a loser
Simply a user

And a big one too

Career Interference in Relationships

Most of the time career causes problems in relationships. I once knew a Professor whom I learnt  often made excuses to prepare dinner for her husband. Likewise some men who make excuses they work and would do no house chore.
The excuse is ‘laziness’ and ‘irresponsibility’. There are much more busy people who are responsible to make time for whoever they are in a relationship with and also spend time making the home accommodating.

If you agree or disagree with me, please share.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Poem for the Day - Grandson

His face I yearned to see

His lips I wished to touch
A grandson I never saw
Wanted to
Too proud to repent
Lying on the death bed
Request have I sent
Hoping to see my Grandson
Whom my tired eyes

So longed to see

Money and Marriage

They both go together and it has its own impact based on how the couple wants it to affect them. Money has its negative and positive impacts on marriage. A broke couple cannot function well, there’ll always be conflict and disagreement; with lots of money comes satisfaction and forward movement though money has its own problems.

The most ideal way to prevent money being a problem in marriage is agreeing as a couple to avoid such.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Poem for the Day - Husband

Having searched
Finally found
Now freedom lost
But husband remained
Cherished freedom
Wonder why we never
Embraced much longer
Strung together no more

By husband’s rules

The Ideal Fiancé

That person who is ready to accept you for who you are, accept your family and your flaws; ready and willing to help you become who you are and want to be. The ideal fiance criticizes when you’re wrong, does not aim to please you but makes you a better person. The ideal fiance is always available to hear you out, help you and guide you through. Whenever there is no time, the ideal fiance tells you plainly without giving lame excuses.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Poem for the Day - Granddaughter

She came and went
Acted as she pleased
As her mother did
She was a replica
Wish she could be changed
Swapped with another
And become someday

The granddaughter I seek

Who is a Best Friend?

Someone who thinks of you before himself or herself. Someone who would guide you like he’d guide himself; someone who would drop everything to come rescue you. A person who believes in you when no one else does. A person who condemns you when you do wrong; a person who is not driven by emotions but speaks the truth even with your disapproval. The person who opens his door at all hours of the day to listen to you and gives you a pat on the back.

That someone is your best friend.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


What joy this child brings
Continuously without limits
Like a cloud full of laughter
Pouring down like rain
Satirizing the earth
No sorrow with this child

What a blessed grandchild

Being a good Neighbor

If I were a good neighbor, I’d make sure my neighbors had the same kind of meals I ate, satisfaction and perspective of life I had. But you cannot achieve that because you will only wear yourself out and neglect yourself and your family. To be a good neighbor means rendering help when needed, giving that referral, celebrating and mourning when necessary, knowing the names of your neighbors, what they do and being observant. This information helps so that there is no surprise when something unforeseen occurs in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Poem for the Day - Father

Promises unfulfilled
He dazzled our world
Gave the world to us
Made us believe
A future we’d have
But he left
With unsolved promises
And left we were
Like princes ripped

Ripped of their crown

Separation Heals and Kills

Separation from people we have had quarrels or disagreement with heals and kills. Separation heals by making the cause of disagreement fade with time and it kills by creating walls between either people or parties. Separation heals by making people see how light the matter of quarrel has grown but it also kills by making both parties see each other as the enemy.

There must be separation to give space but it must be brief and walls should be avoided.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Poem for the Day - Daughter

So long ago
Given up for care
My little daughter

How far away
Too far to be certain
My little daughter

All grown up
Not knowing my existence
My little daughter

Someday I’ll find her
And ask for forgiveness
My little daughter

When she accepts me
I’ll rejoice and dance for
My little daughter

I pray my dream comes true
To love and be loved by

My little daughter

How to remain Unmarried

It pays a great deal to be unmarried; freedom of space, time and decisions. Some have decided to stay unmarried and these are some ways to maintain it:
1.       Don’t be involved in a serious relationship
2.       Try not to promise anyone anything for the future
3.       Never feel sorry you’re unmarried
4.       Encourage yourself by admiring both married and unmarried people
5.       Reveal your decisions to your close friends, so they don’t push you into relationships.

But don’t be afraid to get married when tired of being unmarried. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Poem for the Day - Cousin

Devious as the Devil
He stole my life
O what a cousin
O how I wish our parents
Were never siblings
I should treat him like plague
Like a stranger or convict
O cursed cousin
Bringing nothing but shame
With devious acts
May you be caught
Like a thief
Treacherous cousin

Why People get Divorced

The truth simply is when you are hurt by someone you love so much and have shared everything with, the betrayal of the loved one blinds all forms of reconciliation and forgiveness.
People get divorced so they can move on with life; others get divorced if they cannot continue to live with their partner while some think of themselves only and do not attempt to mend their differences. Divorced persons have various reasons why they get divorced.
But is it always the best decision?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Poem for the Day - Brother

Wish you were mine
And belonged to my home
We would look up
Admire and cherish you
We would respect you
Praise of you will be continuous
Your kind and gentle ways
Make me wish always
You were my brother
One we never had

Preparing for Engagement

Most women wonder why he wouldn't pop the question; having dated for years and planning the future, but there is no ring or aim to take the big step. Here's what to do.
Ladies, plan the engagement. Tell your man how you want to be proposed to, what type of ring you want (please be modest) and where you want it to happen. If he doesn't propose after two weeks, then create a story of how you bumped into an old friend who had a crush on you and you thought he was going to propose when you both went out to lunch.
Tell your man you were mistaken, your friend was only presenting you a gift and not a ring, but you chose not to take the gift. Also, tell him if it was a proposal you would have considered accepting to marry him.
Note the look on your man's face. If he is angry, tell him the story was made up; if he is sober, ask him when he'll propose and why the delay? No matter the look on his face, tell him the story was made up-you only needed an answer.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Poem for the Day - Aunt

At the start of summer
Was the thought of aunt
With the summer flower fragrance
Was the thought of aunt
With the long distance trip
Was the thought of aunt

All thoughts vanished
When present with aunt
Feeling of belonging arises
When with aunt
Always happy
When with aunt

Keeping your Marriage

Marriage is a difficult relationship to keep. When there are good times, life is beautiful; when there are bad times, life is unbearable. Marriage is like a sibling relationship. When there is conflict, there is a moment of silence or lock down but at the end of the day, there must be settlement. A couple that plans to keep their marriage must adhere to these:
1. Do not entertain third parties (even parents) into your marital affairs
2. Try not to break the bond of love
3. Money should never cause problems
4. Learn to trust at all times
5. Be on each others side in public even if guilty
Married couples must avoid these:
1. Public Quarrels
2. Fighting in the presence of the children
3. Criticizing each other
4. Past relationships (exes) must become history
5. Quick judgement of each other
The success of marriage lies in the hands of the couple.

Welcome to November

Welcome to the month of November dear Readers. This month promises to be fun with articles and poems on relationships. There is nothing as great as relationships, so please your contributions and comments will be highly appreciated...Toodles