Friday, February 28, 2014

Poem for the Day - Wave

A farewell
Remains temporary
We meet always
In visions
And dreams
But the soul remains
And just a wave
Means later
We will see

Love and Death

Death seems like an omen, a forbidden thing sometimes but when a loved one leaves, we get so spiritual and our mind wanders into the world where the loved one has gone off too. We ask questions like; Is he alright? As though we could help and we begin to see death in a different light; a transition, no more forbidden.

It is hard to let go of a loved one who has passed; but we must remember they have contributed to the world and moved on, it is left for us to do our part and move on as well.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Poem for the Day - Dearest

She knew him
She trusted him
She loved him
She believed him
She honored him

He was her dearest

Love and Defense

Months ago I heard of a lady who had a misunderstanding with her in-laws; they were all against her except her husband who stood by her. He was as strong as a rock, tall as a pillar and protective like a knight. It brought shame to his people for they knew he could not be shaken. Other instances are guys who defend their girlfriends amidst humiliation, girls who believe a man can be a success when the world judges him as a failure; it is all love and defense. A person who strongly believes himself will believe others too.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Poem for the Day - Forget

They seemed fine
But they knew
They appeared fine
But they knew
They acted fine
But they knew
Only they knew
And could not forget

Love and Procrastination

Common among men; taking things for granted, unwilling to take instructions from their women. It starts like a joke but becomes full blown when the relationship grows old; may not mean anything to them, but the sensitive woman knows where it hurts.

Love does not procrastinate, but it does even more than is expected of one. Love is submissive and humble and never egoistic.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Poem for the Day - Finally

Found finally
Happy at last
Never letting go
Together finally

Mine finally
Die has been cast
The time is here
True love finally

Love and Complications

I was surrounded by friends who were always so lucky to find love but most of the time associated with complications. It seemed their choices were all wrong; I felt sorry for them and wondered why life was so cruel to them but they seemed fine and are still fine with all the complications. There always seemed to be too much baggage surrounding the men they fell in love with but they are happy. I wonder how they do it but all that matters is they are genuinely happy. Though they cannot be with these people they fall in love with, their happiness is intact and I’m certain someday they will each settle down with the man who is really meant for them.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Poem for the Day - Fell

She fell
So hard
It sounded
Like a thud
He knew it
He loved it
She lived for him
He lived for himself
She loved him
He loved her
Both in love
Together they fell

Love and Ignorance

We used to be naive as teens when we started falling in love, but it would be shameful if as adults we are still ignorant in love. There is a difference between being deceived in a relationship and allowing yourself to be deceived in a relationship. Many times we find out things we ought to have found out long before venturing into the relationship but we feel deceived, naive and ignorant and act the victim claiming we have been fooled. Question is ‘have we been fooled or we have been the fool?’

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Poem for the Day - Bleed

Remember how far
And how well
We have endured
How much we have seen
And much we bleed
Just to stay together
So grateful for us

Love and Greed

We read it all the time about people who are in relationships because of what they will get; called Greed. Many get married to rich people and end up being miserable for there was no love involved. When there is love, there is no greed but endurance and sacrifice. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Poem for the Day - Careless

He was not what I thought
Merely careless at first
Then he cared less
Striking as serious
Not mine I know
Who would want one?
As careless as him

Love and Laziness

I found out recently guys of modern times are lazy to find love. They depend on their friends to introduce them to someone responsible or their sister’s friend or a friend whom they never had any interest in all because they feel too lazy to go through the stress of finding the right girl for them.

Even when this ‘good girl’ is found, a guy needs to nurture the relationship with occasional visits, casual gifts, romantic poems or conversations and be willing to accept her into his world, making her understand why men act the way they do. Love does not go with laziness, unless you do not love your girl and allow her do the romance and all. All guys should be pace setters, be the romantic one and let her follow suit.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Poem for the Day - Pained

Thinking I loved
Only was taught
How to rebel
With abuse and torture
I came to learn
He never knew lpve
For I taught him not
And pay must I
With my bruises

Love and Selfishness

Love does not go with selfishness. You have to be ready to give your all if you must experience love. Your time and efforts must be willingly given to experience true love. Most selfish people do not love themselves, thereby finding it hard to love others.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Poem for the Day - Played

She played me
Never knew it
Until she left me
Now I play them
For revenge
Never for fun
Till I repent
Or be played
Once again

Love and Pretense

Our society pretends so much it is hard to differentiate between reality and pretense. There are people who pretend to marry for love but rather married for wealth. Others marry for family and pretend they married for love. Many pretend to be friends with others to gain from them; hurting others.

We need to be real with each other, most pretentious acts don’t last. Watch out for such people, they only complicate life.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Poem for the Day - Struggle

Striving to be loved
In a home of hate
Sowing love
Reaping hate
What day?
At what time?
Will you be saved?
Maybe someday
Probably never
Till you leave
Or lie forever
Where no living dwells

Love and Folly

Love and folly go hand in hand; when we think with our hearts rather than our heads. We love someone who bullies us and physically abuses us. We claim we love an abused relationship because we love the abuser and we live with it rather than seeking help for the abuser through rehab; rather we encourage the abuser by sacrificing our bodies to be used as punching bags and we end up dead by a person who can never change. And this is all for love?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Poem for the Day - For Love

In a hole
Dark and dreary
Amidst smell and stench
Locked forever
Assured I am
With your proud eyes
Staring at me
Through the stars
In gratitude
For I will
And do it in ten lifetimes
Over and over again

Just for love

Love and Crime

Committing a crime for the sake of love is horrid. Many do not understand the meaning of the word love, its purity and sanity. When some people are ‘in love’, they defy laws, rules, family and friends which does not define the true meaning of love. Finding yourself in a crime for love may be justified when it comes to protecting your loved one, but whatever the case, be careful how much you protect; there are other ways to seek justice.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Poem for the Day - Faith

Always had it
Never knew
Always felt it
Move in my soul
Accepted it
And moved me
Now I believe
Faith makes me grow

Love and Religion

Cases have risen that people fall in love only with those they have same faith with; others choose to love those whom they share the same faith with and few choose to mingle with those of same faith. This is not love. Love is being with all religion, mingling, communicating, interacting and sharing views and ideas. We have to love everyone irrespective of their religious background; after all what is love if we cannot care for all?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Poem for the Day - Sight

At first sight
Just a glance
My heart judged
And I queried not
For I knew

My heart never lies

Love and Perception

Perception can be the judge of a lot of decisions made. Love does not look at perception but sometimes does. Perception is very important and rules out the famous saying that love is blind. Perception makes us make wise decisions. How well did your perception play out in your present relationship?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Poem for the Day - All of Them

They seemed nice
But were not
They seemed to care
But stabbed others
They were the world
But they appeared like saints
The world is hateful
But love still exists

Love and Others

Others matter more than we do; being there, being dependable makes us reliable and attractive to others. But we cannot love others unless we love ourselves. Question is how can we love ourselves?
·         Tell it to yourself in the mirror
·         Appear the way that makes you happy and comfortable
·         Give yourself occasional gifts
·         Abstain from people that belittle you, things that harm you and hateful things.

The best gift you can give the world is love.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Poem for the Day - Valentine

Be my valentine
I pray thee
Be mine today
I ask thee
That I may be well
And you be mine
And I your valentine

Love and Obsession

We love and decide we own, nobody can get; nobody must get. We possess our loved ones for selfish reasons and we are uncomfortable with them having friends and speaking freely with people for we are too self-absorbed with our loved one.

This valentine, let us all be loving, freely accommodating others to experience how we share love with our partners and what we can give to the world.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Poem for the Day - Resent

Such a sickening sight
Makes my heart sink
To see you without me
Can cause me illness
But you care not
For me or others
How I resent you
Till you change
You remain filth

Love and Payback

Revenge is sweet but only in movies. In reality, love and payback is something that always comes back to hurt us. A cheating partner cannot be helped with you cheating also. A stingy and selfish partner cannot be saved with you hoarding your things. We should always try to be the bigger person; try to set a good example rather than planning revenge. Most people need to learn from us. Age does not determine maturity, experience does.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Poem for the Day - Trusted

My faith in you
My devotion to you
My commitment in you
My sacrifice for you
Is all because I trusted you.

Love and Deceit

We've all been deceived or deceived someone once before. In love it seems unforgivable to be deceived; handling deceit takes time, courage and maturity to let go. Some find it fun to deceive people for the fun of it, others find themselves in awkward situations that make them deceive. On which side are you?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Poem for the Day - Own

I own him
He owns me
Why should we fear?

I trust him
He trusts me
Why should we fear?

I fear them
He fears them
Why should we worry?

I have him
He has me
Why should we doubt?

I love him
He loves me

Why should we hate?

Love and Possessive

To love means to care and protect not to possess. Many parents see loving their children as possessing, making life unbearable for them which eventually leads them to suicide and rebellion. Even couples, dating and married, possessing the other does not mean they will be with you forever instead it drives them far away from you and you may end up being tagged a psycho. It is alright to love, care and be protective. But possessive ways translates the love into something hateful. Free your mind, your loved one will always be there with you as long as there is genuine love between you two.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Poem for the Day - Believe

You taught me to believe
I have learnt to believe

You changed me to believe
I am changed to believe

You made me believe

Now I believe

Love and Betrayal

Betrayal of those we love comes about when we are scared or intimidated. Though we live to regret it always, love does not betray. No matter the dagger we find at our throats, if we say we love then we should stick to what we mean and be courageous. Shun intimidation and stick with love; betrayals are hard to forgive.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Poem for the Day - Delay

How long could she?
Waiting all day
To meet the keeper
Keeper of her heart
All was worth it
Any delay for him

Was worth it

Love and Denial

I do not admire relationships that live in denial. Denial comes about when we hide from the truth of what is really going on in the relationship. A cheating husband, a drunken wife, wayward children; these secrets are kept from neighbors and friends not seeking help or counseling but pretending all is well.

Love addresses the issue, works at it and helps everyone involved. Are you in denial? Try speaking the truth and help one another.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Poem for the Day - Fallen

A crime made
To myself and the world
Fallen for you

A crime unforgiving
To those who shared and cared
For falling for you

A crime demanding
To take my head
For falling for you

A crime so cruel
To live to regret
Fallen for you

Love and Conquest

Knowing he had conquered when he fell in love with her and she for him was more than a million bucks in his pocket. But some feelings don’t last when life sets in. feeling like a conqueror of a heart should be renewed each day; unless bills, crises, family interference, friends’ advice destroys that feeling. That is where discipline is encouraged to take over and the conqueror’s feelings remains alive. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Poem for the Day - Remorse

Filled with hate
So much fire in the heart
Blazing from side to side
With a killer’s intent
Now ready to strike
A feeling crawls in
Paralyzing his entire being
Remorse takes over
For what he had not done
But what he could do
And leaving his victim
He fled like a rabid dog
Far away to think
Never again to attempt such
For he was not a killer

Love and Regret

So many times we regret ever fallen in love; not because the relationship turned sour, but the person we fell for took us for granted and trampled on our hearts like a smitten flower. Most are still in relationships where they are still in love but regret they loved someone else who valued the love shown than the ingrate they are with.

If you are still in love but regret, try and make things work. If out of love with so much regret, try and be strong and live a life that is free of regret, everyone makes mistakes and learns from it.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Poem for the Day - Feathery

My head keeps reeling
Round in circles
At the thought of you
And the touch of your fingers
And what a fool I am
When you are there
Tongue tied and dumb
I am feathery with you

Love and Pain

To be in love is good, but to be in it with pain is not so good. If in a relationship where you have to keep it secret and cannot come out to the open because it would either cause others pain or you pain, then there is no use for love then. We sometimes struggle to prove that love conquers all. Shame it is not true, love does not have to be endured with pain. I f a compromise cannot be made, then there is no love.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Poem for the Day - Commitment

Took a lifetime
A whole long time
To trust and earn
That which was mine

Took so long
A whole while
To believe and be
That person you want

Took so much
A whole lot
To be committed
To my one true love

Love and Lust

I knew one could love and could lust; took me a while to know the difference, set things apart and stay focused but lust remains and lingers, pulling you closer with delicious options that love sounds so boring compared to lust.

But one day I woke up and realized I was a fool to have believed in lust, for it only stays a while, treats you like a princess and then like dirt another day. But love treats you like you and what you want to be. Love guides you and picks you up when you fall. Lust is all but fun. Now the difference is clear.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Poem for the Day - Desire

So much to desire
So much anticipated
So much expected
So much hope
So much desire

In one unworthy

Love and Loss

We have found ourselves in situations where we have loved and had a loss at the same time. Most people do not end up being with the person they really love; losing them to the world because of certain circumstances. Our loss lingers in us for days, months, years, decades and a lifetime. This happens especially when the one we are with acts like a jerk or is totally self-centered; we regret being with this person and our mind wanders off to that whom we have lost. Life is beautiful; we get to be with someone we eventually learn to love and our loss who owns our heart.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Poem for the Day - Fantasy

It dies with time
They told me
After so many years
I still do feel him
So alive is he
In my heart
And moved on have I
Only to keep this fantasy
Forever fresh in me

Love and Trust

Before love comes trust. Love and trust go together; being able to leave your life in someone's hand means you trust. Love and trust is common among siblings, friends and couples. There are instances where a couple finds the other in trouble and without doubt, they can vouch for their innocence. To love someone does not necessarily mean you trust. But when found together, it moves mountains.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Poem for the Day - Passion

Always with me
When you are not
Always by me
When you are far away
Always in me

When you are gone

Love and Revenge

When treated wrongly and shabbily in a relationship, love turns sour into revenge; the quest to teach the other a lesson for life. But this does not always succeed because we end up hurting ourselves. Revenge is unnecessary especially for someone you love or once loved. Things can work out without hateful actions.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Poem for the Day - Sensitive

What we had
What we believed in
Was sensitive

Our love
I could tell
Was all but sensitive

I, all man pennyless
In love with wealth in female body

So sensitive

Love and Hate

Can I love and hate at the same time? Questions we keep asking ourselves over and over again. It is possible to be in love with someone we have so much faith in and that person does not express as much love to us that we deserve; we will feel betrayed and hatred sets in. Expecting much from a person results in disappointment. It is alright to feel love and hate at the same time, but what is important at the end of the day is to let love conquer all.

Hello February!!!

Hi Readers,
It is good to have you on board again this month. We are back to our poems and articles solely on love to celebrate the month of love.
Wishing you all genuine love this month and always...