Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fifteen things to eat in Qatar

Qatar is known for its cuisines and satisfactory taste in foods. That is why we will pin point major delicacies to eat if you find yourself in Qatar.

Matchbous is stew of spiced rice with lamb or seafood.

Taboulleh is a cracked wheat dish with parsley and mint flavor.

Harees is a form of porridge with lamb or chicken.

Koussa Mashi is stuffed courgettes.

Hummus is a dip made from sesame seed paste and chickpeas.

Motabel is a paste made from lightly cooked aubergine with garlic and tahini mix.

Biriani is a spiced rice dish mixed with chicken or lamb.

Umm ali is bread pudding with nuts and white raisins.

Mezze is served with flat Arabic bread and vegetables.

Shawarma is dough filled with vegetables, meat and cream in a sandwich manner.

Babaganoush is a vegetarian dip and spread made of roasted egg plants, tahini and parsley.

Waraq enab is rice stuffed with vine leaves.

Mehalabiya is a desert of rosewater and pistachio pudding.

Ghuzi is a whole lamb roasted on a bed of rice and nuts.

Esh asaraya is cheese cake topped with cream.

Poem for the Day - White

It's always white
When you feel saintly
Always white
When you imagine peace
It's always white
When you think you're dying
Always white
When you look into the light
It's always white
When you imagine heaven
Always white
When the world agrees with you
It's always white
When you believe in positivity,
Life itself is white.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thirteen places to go in London

London has always been a destination of holidays for most people from all over the world. Here we highlight thirteen major places to go while in London.

Natural History Museum is a place to go with wildlife photography, old animals and many amazing sights.

Silver Vaults is an underground maze of thirty antic dealers in all products of silver.

Foyles is the best bookshop in London.

Greenwich Peninsula Ecological Park is known for a nice picnic, wild flowers and chirping birds.

British Film Institute is a serene place to get old and new movies.

Proud Camden is comprised of a club, sables, live music and photography gallery.

Somerset House Films hosts outdoor cinema every summer encouraging picnics.

British Museum is an educational centre and an amazing place of several items to see while on tour.

Spital fields Market is a lovely flea market to get your heart's desire.

Madame Tussaids comprises of figures of renowned personalities in the world where you can strike a pose.

National Gallery is filled with European paintings by world renowned artists.

Chelsea Physic Garden has many visual plants over five thousand of them.

Southall is amazing during the festival of lights for fireworks and candles.

Poem for the Day - Emerald

The lies emanated
From her eyes
Glistening like emerald
He knew she lied
But protected her for love.
He wanted her so
But she as bad as poison.
He lied to himself
She'd change if chosen
The one hypnosis
Was her ever so emerald eyes.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Eleven things to do in Sydney

Sydney has great many places to go and things to do.

Luna Park is an amusement park with the Sydney Tower Eye which is the highest point where the whole of Sydney can be viewed.

Sydney Harbor is best viewed by private yatch. The harbor offers picnicking, swimming, sailing and walking.

Circular Quay helps with walks and sight seeing along the walkways and parks with a number of ferry quays, train stations and bus stops.

Sydney Opera House is a full packed place for photography, theatre and live music with six auditoriums.

Sydney Festival is a major arts festival which happens yearly. So if you are in Sydney during the festival, be ready to experience classical music, dance, drama and arts.

Aqua bumps Gallery can be visited to see colorful prints and paintings of Sydney.

Late Night Sustenance is a dining place open till the very early hours of the morning.

Bondi Beach is one of the world's greatest beaches where swimming and relaxation in good temperature is allowed.

Taronga Zoo comprises of various native animals with an adventurous experience.

Surry Hills Galleries exposes people to gallery browsing and a fun filled day.

Royal National Park is a very attractive place with trails open to surfers and cyclists.

Poem for the Day - Ambitions ... by Guest Blogger

Nono, wanted to join d popo
Dreams of a lil girlo,
 b4 meetin Roro
Then she gotta gut fulla kiddo
And now she has Rob o
Still wants to fly above with d biggest bird o
White fatigues with dem rank o
Moving passengers abroad
Through d highest altitudes o
Den kom home and spar fighting judo
With new born son and pop playing ludo
Den get on internet and Blog o
And Life couldn't be sweeter
Wen reduced to O Os

                             -Roy O. Amorue

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nine things to eat in Singapore

Singapore, classic, clean and unforgettable particularly in their cuisines has nine foods which must be eaten while there.

Chilli Crab is very popular, a meaty crab spiced in sweet chili sauce with deep fried mantou.

Chicken Rice is referred to as the national dish. It is steamed or boiled chicken served on oily rice with vegetables.

Laksa is a coconut based curry soup with rice noodles with shrimp, fish cakes and tou pok.

Ice Kachang is a refreshing desert. It is ice drenched in colorful syrup, at the bottom, you find sweet corn, sago ball and jelly to eat.

Bak Kut Teh is Chinese pork ribs soup cooked in spices and herbs, eaten with rice and accompaniments.

Rojak is a local tasty infused salad comprising of cucumbers, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, fruits and turnips.

Satay is meat marinated in a peanut sauce. The meat is barbecued and served with rice cubes, raw cucumber and onion.

Oyster Omelets is potato starch mixed in egg batter. Oysters are included seconds before serving.

Char Kway Teow is a tasty stir-fried noodle in artery clogging.

Poem for the Day - Flax

He sought attention
And he found it
Knowing he had no talent
Yet he wanted to stand out
His hair so flax
Brought him no fame
His attitude so drab
Got him nowhere
Trying to be himself:
Crown of flax
They took him so
And glad was he.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seven places to go in Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful place to spend every kind of holiday. The top seven places to go while in Jamaica are highlighted here.

Dunn's River Falls is a unique waterfall constantly restored from rock deposits.

Nine Miles takes visitors through villages and shows where Bob Marley was born and buried.

Negril is an adventurous place from golfing to under water tour with a glamorous sunset backdrop as well as swimming with dolphins.

Fire Water Spring Attraction is for adventure seekers with a legend of the spring waters having a sort of healing power.

Montego Bay is a good tourist site with the best resorts and beaches and various activities.

Dolphin Cove Attraction involves interaction with dolphins, snakes, iguanas and birds in the lost jungle trail.

Ocho Rios. Here a lot is done especially through adventure tours with lots of entertainment, buggy ride adventure, zip line and river tubing.

Poem for the Day - Jasmine

It was hard to choose
Both were so sweet
Tender and loving
Cuddling softly
They slept soundly.
Their Jasmine mane
Noses so black
Both were identical
A choice was made
They'd both come home
Together they'd be
Jasmine puppies
Nothing was more beautiful.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Five things to do in Cape Verde

Cape Verde Island is an enchanted place with lots to do.

Bird Watching is a major thing to do here with Cape Verde having numerous bird species; a tour to the right direction will help.

Local Cuisine such as cachupa, aguardiente and canja must be tried while in Cape Verde.

Morrow Negro. A stroll up the landmass to the discussed light house is amazing.

Water Sports involves surfing, scuba diving and lots more of water activities.

Climb a Volcano. This can be achieved with the help of a local guide for adventurous travelers.

Poem for the Day - Ivory

A mission to be fulfilled
They set on course
The price so dear
They took all risk.
The mask to claim
Was ivory in nature
But then they thought:
Which was more grand?
The Ivory or the price
And they took it
Beautiful and costly
They set to leave
Without a trace of it missing
And neither price nor money
Did they receive
For they were caught
And tortured for the stolen Ivory.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Three things to eat in Spain

Spain is popular for its dishes and marvelous delicacies. The top three foods to eat in Spain are discussed here.

Tortilla Espanola is a Spanish omelet which is made up of potatoes, eggs, onion, pepper and salt.

Paella is a rice dish which is traditional in nature. Though there are many types of paella, it is a free-style mixture containing vegetables, species, chicken and clams.

Jamon Serrano is a Spanish ham either served diced or in thin slices.

Poem for the Day - Kobi

He was different
Not like any other
They knew from birth
He'd be delicate
Like the color Kobi.
He had a sensational touch
Not like any other child
They knew he wouldn't last
He'd be gone so soon
Like a visiting angel.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Seventeen places to go in South Africa

South Africa is one intriguing place to go in Africa. The top seventeen places to go are found here.

The Eastern Cape is an interesting place to visit with a lot of attractions.

Table Mountain, Cape Town is a flat-topped mountain which overlooks Cape Town and a cable car that transports one to the summit.

Tour of South African Wineries is an experience worth taking to know the processes of wine production.

Robben Island, Cape Town has historical background during the Apartheid, with the prison being the most remarkable tourist attraction.

Kwa Zulu Natal, Durban is a place to find pristine beaches and African game reserves.

The Garden Route is comprised of nature reserves and marine reserves with seals, dolphins, coral reefs and bird species.

Gauteng means place of gold, where there are major attractions like museums, galleries and historical battle fields.

Kruger National Park is a breath taking place at Phalaborwa with various species of birds, reptiles, mammals and trees.

Mpumalanga is referred to as Paradise country with wetlands and rolling highlands.

Knysna is a big attractive town where water sports, fun and and relaxation can be experienced.

The Drakensberg has a Royal Natal National Park, a Giant's Castle Game Reserve and a huge wilderness area.

Durban is a fun place where the Marine World Aquarium can be seen as well as beaches with surfers.

The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is known for its good dining and shopping malls.

Gansbaai is a beautiful place to watch whales and dive with white sharks.

Soweto is where the best of South African music can be heard.

The Cradle of Humankind is a limestone cave with prehistoric fossil records.

Limpopo offers lovely landscape, wildlife species and unique cultural heritage.

Poem for the Day - Lilac

I had never felt so good
They had me all over
All over the hall I hung
My shade perfected the hue
I had never felt so good.

I had never felt so loved
They had me on the ladies
Even the gents around their necks
My shade showed importance
I had never felt so loved.

I had never felt so belonged
The bride had me in her bouquet
She was beautiful to behold
I stared at myself
Lilac never felt so belonged.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fifteen things to do in New York

New York is a famous place packed with adventure and excitement. The major fifteen things to do in New York are found here.

Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom and opportunity which should be visited.

Central Park is a serene place to be with family and friends.

Metropolitan Museum of Art offers centuries of paintings and sculptures.

Brooklyn Bridge is regarded as the most beautiful bridge in the world.

West Village Stroll is a neighborhood to wander around and get familiar with.

Visit New York Public Library with precious manuscripts in its exhibition hall. The library is made of marble and a breath taking ceiling.

Empire State Building is the tallest building in New York and can be toured with paid tickets.

Artisanal is a place where you must dine while in New York with a lot of varieties of cheese.

Bergdorf Goodman is an exotic department store for window shopping and purchase.

Rockefeller Centre is a beautiful place with amazing sculptures, skating rinks, stores and restaurants.

Bowery Ballroom is a place for music lovers to go. It is the best music stop in the city.

City Hall is a place which must be toured with its historical background.

Grand Central Terminal is a place where hours can be spent without getting bored, celestial ceiling, oyster bar and lots more to see.

African Burial Ground is a national monument with more than 400castles.

American Museum of Natural History is incredible with artifacts, cafeteria and shops.

Poem for the Day - Midori

Midori she was called
Just after her grandma
Little she knew
A mystery behind the name.
Little they told
The beauty of Midori
Until she was grown
And age became wisdom
Then she knew
It was revealed
Midori was glad.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thirteen things to eat in Italy

Italians are famous for their high taste and amazing cooking. Some fantastic foods which must not be missed while in Italy are;

Croissant with yogurt or tea and coffee is often had for breakfast.

Prosciutto is dry-cured ham, thinly sliced and served uncooked.

Pasta is a traditional Italian cuisine which is a type of noodle often served with tomato sauce.

Porcini is a large wild edible brownish boletus mushroom.

Anchovies are oily fish similar in taste to sardines.

Truffles is a type of subterranean mushroom.

Tortellini in Brodo is a classic Italian soup.

Trippa Romana is a form of edible offal from the stomachs of various animals.

Ribollita is a famous soup in a form of pottage made with bread and vegetables.

Burrata is fresh Italian cheese made from cream and mozzarella with an unusual soft texture inside.

Gelato is made with milk, cream, flavors and sugar. It is actually the Italian name for Ice cream.

Carbonara is a pasta dish based on eggs, cheese and bacon.

Pizza is an oven-baked flat round bread topped with cheese, toppings and tomato sauce.

Poem for the Day - Saffron

Tired of being with the sunflower
The saffron seemed accommodating
My friends and I rose to play
Among other flowers in the garden
But the saffron had class
Delicate I thought
Was a bit more over protective
When we butterflies landed
Saffron possessed our presence
She took our attention
And we vowed never again
To have no playing beauty
Like the beauty of the saffron.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eleven places to go in Abidjan

Abidjan is viewed as a small region, though there are numerous places to go if time permits a visitor.

The Plateau comprises of mountains and crystal steams known for its beauty and parks.

St. Paul Cathedral is a major landmark in Abidjan famous for is glass work and fascinating grounds to walk on.

Banco Forest is classified as a national park, located at Attecoube.

Grand Bassam has various artisan shops along the way as well as wood carvings that can serve as souvenirs.

Felix Houphouet-Boigny Stadium is named after the first President of Ivory Coast.

Vridi Beaches is a good place to go, though swimming here is a bit difficult, there is an exposure to the ocean.

National Museum is rated as one of the best in the world with a collection of Ivory, Statues and artifacts.

Plantations of Coffee & Cocoa exposes a visitor to the mass production of both.

Treichville is popular for its night life and has a number of restaurants, bars and cafes.

Cocody is a beautiful place to go and a perfect view of St. Paul's Cathedral is seen here as a human figure.

Zoo. The zoo is one of the richest in Africa with various kinds of animals present there.

Poem for the Day - Teal

He had never met her
She had given him
All possible clues
He searched until
He found her not
In teal she'd be
But none was so
His strength gave up
His mind moved him
In despair he stopped
Just beyond like a trick
He thought he saw
He knew he saw
The color of Teal
Twas flowing though
In her hair so golden
And he approached her
Even for the first time
The girl in Teal.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nine things to do in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is a pretty place to be with nine distinct things to enjoy while there.

Narikala Fortress is an ancient symbol which dominates the skyline of the city. It is Tbilisi's defensive brilliance which must be visited.

City Tours & Day Trips involves hiking experience and a busy day with guides who speak diverse foreign languages.

Museum of Georgia is Georgia's top museum with basement treasury, gold artifacts, jewelry and archaeological findings.

Cave City of Uplistsikhe has a river which passes through a tunnel with the whole cave city in front right after ascending.

Paliashvili Opera House is a place which must be visited to watch a show in Tbilisi.

Borjomi is a place to go, unique in nature with great history with an altitude and a ravine covered with forests.

Sightseeing through stone houses, lakes, rivers and mountains are unforgettable.

Shopping for souvenirs like traditional crafts is necessary.

Eating out where traditional dishes are served.

Poem for the Day - Zaffre

In the dark old lab
He worked till dawn
Aware the king would blab
At the result without a frown.

Harder he worked
Carefully with goal in sight
Brightly it worked
Zaffre was bright.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Seven things to eat in Nigeria

Nigeria is famous for its culture in diversity and its numerous ethnic groups accompanied with various meals associated with each tribe or culture.
There are certain foods which must be eaten when visiting Nigeria which are highlighted here.

Jollof Rice is one of the most popular dishes in Nigeria which is accompanied with either beef, chicken, fish or turkey and some include plantain.

Moin Moin is a form of bean cake served with either pap, custard or jollof rice.

White Soup is made from yam with delicacies like crayfish, beef, turkey and fish and is very tasty often served with either semovita or eba as desired.

Eba is made from garri, a very popular meal in Nigeria accompanied with the desired kind of soup.

Suya is an appetizer, barbecued meat spiced with pepper, salt and ginger. Often served with tomatoes, onions and cabbage.

Edikang Ikong Soup is a vegetable soup, one of the country's favorite. It is a combination of many vegetables, well spiced, eaten alone or with semovita, eba or pounded yam.

Nkwobi is spicy cow foot cooked in a sauce with vegetables.

Poem for the Day - Cream

They loved me
Though I did not.
They sought me
Though I sought not.
They wanted me
Though I had nothing
They were satisfied
Though I grumbled
They stirred me smoothly
Though I whined
They took me in
Though I rather stayed out
They cherished me
In my nature so cream.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Five amazing places to go in Dubai

Dubai is one of the major tourist sites in the Middle East. Dubai is perfect for all kinds of holidays. Here we look at five amazing places to go in Dubai.

The World Islands in Dubai is man-made archipelago of 300islands in a map of the shape of the world.

Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort inside Emirates Mall. Here, people of Dubai can experience ski like they were in Europe, America, Asia or Australia.

Dubai Gold Souk is known as a city of gold with the gold being the cheapest in the world.

Desert Safari is a major place to go while in Dubai with trained tour guides gliding through the desert topography and an experience of night picnic and belly dancing.

Dubai Museum is the oldest building in Dubai with local antics and artifacts from Asia and Africa traded within. It is an educational center which describes the development process through the years through slides, videos and mannequins.

Poem for the Day - Violet

It was not just her name
Violet had an impact
It was not just her frame
Violet had a thing
He could not resist the dame
Violet knew it too
She rather fled from shame
Violet had a man
He wanted to play the game
Violet told him off
He could not relent from Violet.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Three things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great place to be and there are three major things that one can do while in Amsterdam.

Mix with the locals - A place is best known from information received through the locals. A visit to parks and gardens would be best to meet locals who would enlighten people on Amsterdam.

Night Bike - Amsterdam is beautiful in a romantic way at night with the bridges and canals glowing with lights. Bikes are encouraged to be used go round town.

Have a Heineken Experience - With the history of Heineken being in Amsterdam, experience the company's old brewery where a self-guided tour is taken.

Poem for the Day - Silver

Mostly appreciated at night
It shimmered on sea
Her glaze gave perfection
Her sight was to behold
She wasn't silver
In nature one couldn't tell
But tonight she was but silver
And lovers danced in her light
The shimmering silver effect
Possessed the entire earth
Until one could conclude
She was but silver.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fourteen places to go in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has numerous places to go to but we'll be looking at fourteen must-go places while there.

Silk Factory is a center for silk products and purchase of silk can be made at nearby stores.

Heydar Aliyeu Park is a beautifully designed park with cafes, tea houses and cinema club.

Ballabur Castle, Lankaran provides knowledge about the region's past in relation to the present.

Visit the Mosque of Sheik Yusuf (XV) which is a historical mosque where the philosopher a d writer whom the mosque was named after was buried with his wife and sons.

Lankaran is known for its famous old prison and lighthouse with stories of escape through under groumd tunnels.

Sarkartapa is a historical place to go and attracts lovers too. Sakartapa dwells on research on human life in prehistoric times.

Bottle House is a private family house decorated with about 50,000 glass bottles.

Khansarai is the palace of the Sheki Khans also known for its gardens, parks and museums on the grounds.

Public Baths/Hamam is a form of sauna where there is allocation for both genders separately.

Caravansarai is a historical monument and a stopover for caravans. Actually built as a resting place for caravans along the Silk road through Azerbaijan.

Atashgah Fire Temple has a castle style temple presently used as a museum and not a temple.

Gizil Agaj State National Reserve is a major tourist attraction and is a reserve for animals and birds as well as various kinds of trees.

Maiden's Tower is a dominant architectural piece which features on the country's currency notes as well as other formal monuments.

Yanar Bulag is a constantly burning hot water spring located on a highway which joins Astara and Lankaran.

Poem for the Day - Olive

Luscious as olive
She was determined to live
In the world so hard to conceive
She had nothing else to give
A part of her to sieve
And make perfect and heave
This world she'd cleave.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sixteen things to eat in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is famous for its cuisines and delicacies. Some of the things to eat while in Afghanistan are:

Chalow is white rice which is parboiled, drained and then baked with oil, butter and soil eaten with stew or casserole.

Qabli Pulao is steamed rice with chops od carrot and raisons served with lamb and vegetables.

Palao is rice parboiled and drained with meat, stock and herbs blended in before baking with the addition of sugar.

Mantu are steamed dumplings fattened with minced onion beef.

Qorma is a type of stew or casserole made with yogurt, cream, coconut milk or nut and seed paste.

Shorma is locally made soup.

Ashak is dumplings filled with leeks and topped with garlic yogurt or garlic mint boiled and drained.

Khameerbob is a native pasta dish for special occasions.

Kebab is meat cooked over flames, usually lamb, beef, goat, chicken often served with Naan.

Baaminyah is okro served as a side dish.

Afghan Kafta is a form of meat ball prepared with a mixture of ground meat, rice and leeks and served dry.

Sheer Berinj is rice pudding.

Naan is flat bread served with curry dishes.

Badenjan is egg plant served as a side dish.

Aush is a soup dish made with handmade noodles and various vegetables.

Bolani is fried or baked flat bread with a vegetable filling and can be stuffed with potato, spinach or pumpkins.