Saturday, May 31, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned concluded...

The question still looms around, who helped Rie during childbirth? Her mother? Sister? Neighbour? The town of Razia still holds this secret.

More secrets on the town of Razia in July...

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sweet Stepmothers

When told the nice lady who washes and cooks, polishes and clean is a step mother and the children always reward her with a kiss for the things she does around the house, the only word to classify such a character is a sweet stepmother.
She willingly gives advise, follows up on children's daily routine and loves their father as much as she does the kids, she will win the honors of sweetest stepmother alive.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

Rie knew Hart would not have a choice but to settle for her after he had survived so much disappointment. But Rie was the one who got disappointed when Hart left the country to return yearly to see his son.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Abusive Stepfathers

Sometimes people can be inhuman. A man who is old enough to have kids would take delight in battering someone else's kids. Abuse may be verbal, physical, sexual or emotional.
Abusive people need help, never be to shy to seek help from a counsellor. You will be saving your life and someone else's.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

Rie threw herself at Hart who was not interested, but his frustration grew increasingly when he learnt Rie told every girl he dated she was the mother of his child. No one was ready for so much drama and so walked away from Hart.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spoiled Nephews

They always get what they want and when they do not they become someone aggressive and violent. Spoiled nephews often display these attributes in private and public not minding the embarrassment they are causing for their parents or guardians.
They need to be reprimanded, corrected and guided so that they would not end up in trouble-big trouble.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

Hart and Rie met to discuss their son's future once a month. Rie had been told by her friends Hart would make a good partner since he was loaded but Rie hated the idea until now... She learnt Hart was dating again.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

Rie made new friends but with the older ladies. They were either married, divorced, separated or widowed. They had so much stories to tell Rie about how not to trust men, how to handle them and how together the loaded ones. Rie was glad to be accepted again.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Godly Grandfathers

Spiritual men who see into the future, far ahead of the present, ready for battle with the forces of darkness. Mostly protective of their spouses, children and grandchildren. 

These men take extra care in protecting his family members. Godly grandfathers are wise and diplomatic; their ways are different and unpredictable.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

It has been a month now and everyone seems to have forgotten the scandal that occurred. Hart had his life back, friends’ swarming around him and his son at weekends and he gained his royalty back among his friends.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Invaluable Grandmothers

Always there to care, help and share. Never can be paid for their invaluable talents. Appreciate yours today, they may not be around too long.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

Things began to ease out for Rie; her siblings helped and her mother baby sat the baby. All she needed was new friends but the young ones were not ready to associate with a heartless mother.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Distanced Cousins

So many ways can arise for a person to be termed as a distanced cousin; by generational connection, by location and by separation. Having a cousin is a big deal, he can be closer than a sibling, he can be influential and affect your life positively and he can also be bad influence. It all depends on who you are and how easy it is to be vulnerable.
So which cousin are you?

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

Weekend arrived and Hart was declared missing. The baby spent time in his paternal grandparents care. Hart eventually returned on Monday morning to a very angry family.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Motherly Aunts

These women are very much like mothers; some are mothers and others are not. They are passionate, counselling when needed, helpers, gifted  listeners and above all warm and forgiven. They have been young before and know how to deal with young people.
Appreciate any motherly aunt around you, they are priceless.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...
Rie found it hard to survive. She had no friends left, her sisters avoided her and the baby cried a lot. She wished she had never met Hart.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hateful Uncles

 If we could prevent us having hateful uncles in our lives, life would be bearable. But we can ignore them by pretending they do not exist. The question is; do they really exist? Hateful people exist in a life of no love and until you accept you live in a life full of love, then hateful uncles are not a part of our world.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...
The knock brought the whole family awake. The door flung open and a disgraced Rie was brought in by the female Police officer.
 "We found her in the streets, passed out" she barked
"WHAT?" yelled her parents

"Keep her locked or we would be happy to" The police officer stormed out.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

It was a dark and cold night. The harmattan winds blew hard and everyone was tucked under blankets fast asleep. This was except for a shadow that ran through the dark streets away from everyone, a frail shadow who did not go far but slumped in the streets.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Disinherited Sons

 is rare for disinherited sons to succeed in life; but some do by pushing themselves to the arm of success. Most times disinherited sons end up broke, psychologically hurt and even on the streets because they have been ruined by family.
There is no greater hurt like being cast away by family.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

Hart was humiliated; he lost most of his friends. They never believed he had nothing to do with the dumping of the baby. His father was no exception; he withdrew his allowances and deprived him of the life of luxury he lived. But he was being coached as a Dad and given a small job to support Rie and the baby after his day's classes. Hart became a man overnight.

A meeting was held comprising of the two families. They decided to make a plan to allow both father and mother be a part of the new child's life. Weekends were for Hart to spend time with his son while Rie had him all week.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

Rie was unhappy. Her plan had failed. She was not ready to be a mother. She was young, pretty and full of life. She secretly swore at the woman who had found the baby. Rie knew she was not smart enough, she should have dumped the baby farther away but that was how far her strength could carry her.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sacrificial Mothers

Not all mothers sacrifice their time, resources and attention on their children. But sacrificial mothers do. They are warm people who love to care and share with their children and their friends. They even go as far as assisting strangers in need.
Usually, they do these to make life comfortable for many but it robs them of their personal time. That is why they are called sacrificial mothers, they do it anyway.

Short Story - Secrets of a a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...
The town Priest came to the rescue of the young parents, gave a good word for them being children of honourable parents. Rie and Hart were bailed and free to return home.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Runaway Fathers

Too tired to face responsibilities; too cowardly to raise a family or heartless and determined to leave a life and start another? One can never understand what goes on in the mind of a man who watches his wife get pregnant and have children and raise these children.
Do memories not hunt them? Do they not get flash backs? There really must be a concrete explanation why they runaway.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

Hart was chilling with his friends while his parents prepared dinner. The bang on the door brought everyone to attention. The Police demanded for Hart and arrested him while his friends scurried away.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cowardly Stepmothers

There comes a time in some women's lives when they are jealous of young girls in their care. This is common among stepmothers who find it hard to accept there is a growing young woman who needs all the support in the world. Rather these cowardly stepmothers turn their backs on these young ones and watch them go astray because they are not biological bonded.
If you know someone guilty of such, stop her.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...
Rie was at the hospital after her arrest. She made a statement on how she carried on with the act herself. She had read about birthing. How to do it on her own and when to do it when no one was home. "Lies! I don't believe you" yelled the officer. "Labor came when no one was home?"

Rie insisted but remained in the hospital while the baby was brought to her. She was instructed to nurse him while the father of the baby was going to be searched for.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Saintly Step Fathers

Imagine a man who caters for a child like his own, takes crap and watch that child or children grow up to become independent adults. A man who sacrifices his time, income and energy to raise kids that are not his but his wife's is no more but a saintly step father.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

Abby was frightened. She and Rie had been friends until Rie began to date Hart and distanced herself from Abby. Some months later, Rie seemed different when Abby saw her in school. Abby wanted to talk to her but Rie was in a hurry. Abby met Rie at the local clinic but Rie lied she was visiting someone. Abby snooped after Rie and found out she was waiting in line with the ladies for antenatal.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Worthless Nieces

When there is someone in your life that is not functional or is a liability to you, such a person is considered worthless. Worthless nieces are those who parasite on their aunts and uncles to gain and not to give. Their lives are centred on just them alone. No one gains from them but they all lose to them.
Such people should be disappointed once in a while to taste what real life is; responsibilities should also be given to them to become someone better.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

"How did a teenage girl have a baby by herself?" one of the male officers asked.
"You tell me. She was helped by someone. Her mother? A friend? Her older sister?" the female officer wondered.

"Her friend Abby betrayed her. She must be brought in for questioning" the other officer suggested.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Helpful Nephews

Helpful nephews are the sons we always wish we had who are never bored around us, seeking and willing to please at all times. These are people who leave everything at the sound of our call and hurry to help. These men deserve to be given a good slice of our will. 

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued... 

Abby saw this as a good opportunity and told them they had to check three streets away. Her friend Rie would know something was the only lead she gave and they took it seriously. The Police went to Rie's home with a search warrant and searched the house. The blankets, scissors, antiseptics and needles in Rie's room gave her away.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Crafty Grandfathers

These men have had a great deal of experience and are cautious of life and everything around them. They are aware of the end from the beginning for the younger generation. Crafty grandfathers plan the way for the next generation to succeed. They perform anonymously in ways not to scare or alert the young ones.
Crafty grandfathers usually succeed since they are experienced and well connected, their goals are often achieved since they have walked the same paths once.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

Abby had just returned home from camp when her brother told her about the abandoned baby. Abby knew it was only one person who could be cruel enough to do so. She wanted to help but did not know how, and soon the answer came to her. The site where the baby was abandoned was her street where her house was and so the Police arrived to question them all.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Valuable Grandmothers

To some they may appear fragile and worthless but to many they remain valuable. They teach, pray and care for their children and grandchildren.
Valuable grandmothers have useful advice at all times that helps with our journey in life.
Please value these women, they are priceless treasures.

Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

The baby was safe and warm, well attended to by the nurse and seemed well enough. A nursery was created at the corner of the station while investigation began. But the officers needed not go too far for they found a lead on the third day of their investigation.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Reliable Cousins

When seen together, they are like best of friends. They quarrel and make up, share jokes, they have so much in common, their presence with each other brings tears to many eyes. They can easily rely on each other because they trust one another. They attract many to them because their reliable nature makes people love and trust them.

Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

The news of the abandoned baby spread through the town like an air borne disease. Women cursed, men condemned and children stayed confused. At dinner time, Rie's mother broke the news to the family. Everyone seemed surprised at such gruesome act. No one was suspected until the investigation began.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jealous Aunts

Aunts used to be looked upon as role models, an adult you aspire to be before you become your mum. But this area of thought grew outdated when Aunts looked at their nieces and atimes nephews with contempt, aspiring to have what these young ones have and giving themselves an ugly face and name.
Guilty of such? There is still time to make ammends as an Aunt.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

The baby was safe and warm in the station. A nurse had been sent for and baby supplies were been made to keep the baby alive. ''He's a day old'' the female officer whispered. ''Heartless creatures'' replied one of the male officers. ''Must have happened in the area'' the other male officer replied. ''We will get the culprit, I promise you'' the female officer swore.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Helpful Uncles

Helpful Uncles are like fathers; ready to help, sacrifice and protect. They actually do so much more. Like shepherds guarding their sheep they watch out for straying nieces and nephews.
That is why are helpful Uncles

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued... 

The woman was terrified, drenched in the rain and saying a million words at once when the female officer stopped her with a wave of hand. 'A baby in the bushes’. Without thinking, the female officer flung her almost empty cup and started for the door after the panicking woman, she paused to motion to one of the male officers behind their desks. We will need a blanket and you of course and was out of the station.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wayward Daughters

These ladies grow up like every other lady but choose the quick dark path to success. They do not make good wives or mothers but good companions. Most are ashamed of their lifestyle but are always in a hurry to make it. Wayward daughters stay far from home to avoid the constant advice from their parents and siblings. Many return home eventually changed but the past remains there to hunt them.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

The police station was damp and cold. Most of the officers had gone out on duty and the few left sipped local hot drinks to stay awake and keep warm. The last thing anyone wanted that evening was action. But wishes do not always come true...

Monday, May 5, 2014

Honorable Sons

Honorable sons are born not made. They bring joy to the family, set good examples and are pretty much heros of the city. They aim at protecting the family name and are willing to die in poverty than engage in dubious ways.

Short Story - Secrets of town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

Hart had not seen Rie in months, she always had an excuse. He suspected she was dating someone else. The thought hurt him but he had to control his emotions. He was forbidden to have a girlfriend until he was eighteen. Barely seventeen, he had had numerous girlfriends without the knowledge of his parents. He was named 'playa' by his friends and it was a reputation he was willing to maintain.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Heartless Brothers

Often they appear nice but their acts cause a lot of damage and life threatening issues to many. They usually have little or no reason for causing chaos but they do cause troubles. Most of the time, these brothers are raised by good and noble parents but decide to follow the dark path of life.

Heartless brothers often work together with evil groups to cause pain and sadness to many. They bring about death, war and crises for no reason or they claim for a cause they believe in; but death is the result of being heartless brothers because they are caught and brought to justice.

Short Story - Secrets of town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

...and the idea came suddenly. It seemed cruel but it was the best thing to do. Ride knew she could go to jail if caught but decided she would be smart and escape being caught. She needed someone to talk to but was too scared to.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Faithful Sisters

Like friends they are, helping and sharing, always there when you need them. Often like guardian angels to rescue you when you are in trouble.

They give quality advice, cover your faults and guide you in the right path. They are motivators and care givers, ready to sacrifice at all times.

Short Story - Secrets of town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

Rie lay in her room wondering, siblings went about their daily lives without noticing. Her mother was too busy with all six of them and a complaining husband to realize Rie had been hiding from everyone. It was a relief though that there was no attention on her and so all she did was plot and sleep.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Nagging Mothers

They help, they care, they share; but take life too seriously, looking for faults, aiming for perfection and making life unbearable for all.
They do not know they are nagging mothers because they seem to be seeking to bring out the best in everyone while they are bringing out the worst in themselves.

Are you a nagging mother? Relax, live life freely and everything will fall in place.

Short Story - Secrets of town called Razia

Abandoned continued...

Teenagers lived like teenagers; carefree and rebellious. The result they were never ready to handle, and evil loomed their hearts to get away from their mistakes. A mistake Rie was ready to make disappear. She was too young, she thought so too but not to young to get involved with an amateur.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Loving Fathers

You find them around a lot. They have a special place in their hearts and a special moment when they bond with their children. It is usually different from the mother’s bond. Loving fathers give sacrificially, wish the best and try not to make mistakes or rather make amends for past mistakes; they will do everything to be accepted and guide their children in the right direction. All they need is appreciation, it takes more than cash for a father to be considered loving.

Short Story - Secrets of a town called Razia


Beautiful happy birds singing at the rise of the early morning sun was a common rhythm experienced by the people of Razia. Everyone woke to the sound and satisfaction seemed to loom on their faces even with the biggest problems in the world, this sound was good enough for everyone to have a good day. Not everyone exactly, some had secrets they could not hide but a plan to fit in once again.

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