Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to Give Yourself a Makeover on Your Birthday

Birthdays are special days when people show us love and attention. When we are grown up, we have special ways of celebrating ourselves. Some of us think it weird giving ourselves gifts but the ideal way of appreciating ourselves is to give ourselves a makeover.

You could go out to a salon, have a new haircut, go shopping for your best kind of outfit or shop for a new pair of shoes, have a new makeup done for the ladies and the guys can have a shave.

Make yourself look like someone who is about to audition for a photo shoot; just try to be happy on your special day. Even if you cannot afford to spend money on yourself, do something you do not do on a regular day to make the day memorable.

Poem for the Day - Lonely Love

Seated at the window
Waiting for his headlamps
To show along lonely dark paths
Silence eluding her thought
Hours she'd sit
Patiently waiting to see his arrival.
Then her heart would beat
First the sound, then the light
Her loneliness was over
It's been years of same practice
Her lonely love had arrived.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to behave with future in-laws

In-laws are hard to please but they cannot be out of our lives. The most ideal way to act or behave around future in-laws is to be respectful and silent most of the time. Saying the wrong things can aggravate a lot and misinterpret so many things.

Being around future in-laws often requires you doing what they prefer doing, rather pleasing them over themselves but never jeopardizing your beliefs and values.

Future in-laws can be friendly and some can be annoying and no matter how much you try to be polite, decent, friendly, they may just want to cause some disturbance or problem. When in this kind of situation, it is necessary to ignore such sarcasm and be yourself; hold your breath till the visit is over and you can laugh it off later.

How else can we behave around future in-laws?

Poem for the Day - Pathetic Love

Filling her mind with them
They belonged in movies
Her reality failed her
For she sought one of these
These whom the movies made
She was in love with such
Such a pathetic love.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to be a good host

In our lives there is always an event to host. It could be a get together, a dinner, a large party, a birthday or a meeting. Being a good host is always very important for your guests in order to make them happy and attend future events.

Always be Polite. This is important to your guests. Your politeness attracts more guests to your future events because word goes out on your good manners.

Be Generous. This is very vital in the provision of wine, snacks, meals and variety of drinks. This service of generosity makes your guests feel warm and comfortable.

Say Hello to everyone. You may be extremely busy with getting everything and everyone comfortable, but it is vital to go around every single guest and say a quick ‘hello’. This act makes everyone feel important and welcome.

Play Good Music. Good background music is very important for good atmosphere and provokes decent and amicable conversations among guests.

Most important thing is being natural around your guests, pass on jokes, introduce guests to each other and relax. Your guests will be comfortable as long as you are.

Poem for the Day - Unconditional Love

What he saw
Was what he loved
What he knew
Was what he adored
What he decided was what he achieved.

She had not what others did
But she had her smile
She healed them all
She who needed healing
Brought attraction to others
Through her unconditional love.

Monday, February 25, 2013

How to look good when not feeling good

There are times when we do not feel well enough, happy enough or in the mood to look good even when we need to. In cases of a job interview, a date or an official outing, it is necessary we look good. Some ideas of looking good are:

Put on neat ironed clothes. Your clothes would communicate what your emotions are not communicating. Appearing neat and straightened out sends out the message that you are prepared for the outing.

Have your hair neatly made. Ladies should either have their hairs held back tied with a ribbon or combed all the way back. Men should have their hairs brushed neatly and appear modest.

Have your hands to your side. Hands beside us will give us a better poise to our dull feeling.

You may leave the reaction on your face straight, but avoid frowning or having a depressed expression. You may also say little in order not to upset the people around you. You may spend little time socializing and retiring before your patience runs out and you cause a scene.

Poem for the Day - Promising Love

I promise to return
His words hovered in her mind
He promised his love
Years had gone by
His words remained anew
Seasons will go by
She replayed the words
He was gone for too long
But his promises remained.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to communicate to God

People say prayer is communication or talking to God. But I say thinking of God, singing to God is communication to God.

There are so many ways to communicate to God which involves physical activities like being nice to people, helping people out, being patient and considerate as well as being a role model or mentor to people.

Communicating to God opens doors of revelation and opportunity for us. This can be a spiritual exercise which can be done with eyes closed or open. With eyes closed, we can envision God and all the things He has done and count our blessings. With eyes open, we can look around us to see what the world is and what it possesses and be grateful we are part of it.

Also being thankful for life, health, finances, friends, family, career and challenges keeps us in tune with God and all that surrounds Him.
Making it a constant and daily routine of communicating with God provides answers to so many questions and reveals a whole lot to us.

What other ways can we communicate with God?

Poem for the Day - Predicted Love

They all knew
They all saw
They all felt
This was predicted love.

They had nothing in common
No care for one another
They shared a particular disdain
This was predicted love.

There's a thin line
Between love and hate
Which melts given time?
This was predicted love.

They had to admit
Disdain was attraction
They couldn't deny
This was predicted love.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to live a free life

Donna thought living a free life was about dating multiple people, clubbing, going on a shopping spree and looking good. But she got it all wrong when she was soon laid off her job and her friends walked away from her. She had no one to turn to and that was when she realized she had not been living a free life but a careless one.

How to live a free life involves ridding oneself of worry and troubles, be a disciplined saver of money, make the right friends, get involved with people who would make you grow.

Living a free life does not involve burdening ourselves with people’s problems rather helping out to be the solution to such problems. Living a free life involves giving ourselves occasional treats. We all have that special thing we crave for, we should set aside at least one day in a month to treat ourselves to this specialty.

Also try not to worry about the future, but live well by eating green vegetables, fruits, dark chocolate, red wine, exercises, a walk, a run, breathe and inhale life and its goodness.

Can you suggest how else we can live a free life?

Poem for the Day - Amateur Love

Once upon a love story
Neither could share the history
Of love so young
Love so strong
Upon their births
To fall like mirth
Growing up knowing
Loving each other moaning
This love so young
Now old for so long
Was amateur.

Friday, February 22, 2013

How to love across borders

Being in a relationship can be complex, let alone being in a relationship with someone far away. It takes commitment to make this form of relationship work and the love survive.

Some people do not plan loving across borders, their jobs, school or unrest do not permit them to be in a place together. But the love can be worked on by regular communication through phone calls, e-mails and video chatting. Communication is the key or gateway to a successful relationship. Also, gifts can be sent with the sender’s perfume lingering on it. This is a binding and sure way of assuring each other are fondly thought of. Visits can be largely cherished and can be done occasionally to secure the bond which exists.

Many people date across the world and even end up getting married. Why not try it forgetting about borders and barriers.

Have you experienced loving across borders before? Please share.

Poem for the Day - Geeky Love

Words unspoken
Feelings unshared
Book related contacts
Knew what they felt.

Hidden in privacy
Kiss shared meekly
Against school rules
Had to satisfy their needs.

Words clearly spoken
Feelings shared
Love related partners
Appreciated what they had.

Openly and boldly
Bodies touched un wittingly
Against book-worm rules
Geeky love achieved.