Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Poem for the Day - Trusted Foe

It was the beginning of summer,
Free of stress and work.
A day when the sunlight shimmered.
And I, roaming aimlessly like a hawk

At a distance I could tell
My imagination again?
I couldn’t but yell
Until I moved closer to promise my eyes gain

There she was, soft and delicate
My mouth fell wide open
A feeling within prevented me of today’s date
Silence eluded me I could hear the drop of a pin.

My mission was to take her
And I marched to the scene where she stood
Then he moved to her, he as dark as tar
He, an enemy with the hood.

How could she do this to my heart?
She whom I was willing to give the world
This enemy o mine I once fought in martial art
Now has this beauty, making me feel bald.

Rooted in my tracks
I despised her, this trusted foe
She would never experience my love as marks
On her lost soul to show.