Sunday, June 30, 2013

What if we love everybody we know?

If everyone loved everybody they knew, everyone would feel loved by one or many people. Love is something we must express to people often. The people around us must be told they are loved or shown they are loved. Life is too short to be waiting for tomorrow to express our feelings to our friends, colleagues, neighbors and family.

Adventure Series: Tales to Robin

Poem for the Day - Lapsi

As far as Nepal
We sailed
Only to find lapsi
So much we heard
So little we thought
But to find something so fine
Like lapsi

Saturday, June 29, 2013

What if humans could fly?

In a situation where humans could fly, transportation will not exist except for those with damaged wings. Birds fly, humans walk. If humans flew, considering the population of humans all over the world, the airspace would have been choked up and the air would have been limited before reaching us on ground.

Adventure Series: Tales to Robin

to be concluded tomorrow...

Poem for the Day - Nannyberry

It was used to soothe them
As they returned
So often tired
From school’s torture
She had them laid out
It gave them joy
Till the return
Of the parents

Friday, June 28, 2013

Poem for the Day - Tangerine

He wooed me
I remember so well
The season just began
He approached me
With a basket of tangerines
From his farm he said
I fell at once
The presence of it
Forever meaningful in history

What if there were no servants?

People are so dependent on servants to do things they themselves are capable of doing. If there were no servants, laziness would have been eradicated, self esteem would have its place in others and some families would be together today.

Servants have existed so long ago and have been treated in the same manner as they are today. If there were no servants, homes would have chores divided among the family members and the weakness or strength will be revealed.