Monday, September 30, 2013

What to expect in Suriname

Suriname lies in South America having great history and culture, Suriname is a fun place to go as there are numerous things to here. Most activities are outdoor; swimming, picnic, visits to Museum, the zoo and clubs. Suriname encourages meeting new people, learning from others and having fun. It is one of those places that is ideal for a get-away.

Poem for the Day - Wits

In the midst of chaos
Standing like a tree
Without leaves or branches
Watching crises unfold
Oblivious of what was to come
But in the mind's eye
It was not sadness
But a knowledge of truth
Time to pay was here
For all deeds done
All would face chaos
Watching on as pandemonium lashed
She stood awaiting hers
None other understood
But she with wits

Sunday, September 29, 2013

What to expect in Romania

Romania is in Europe with a captivating landscape, nice people, wonderful meals and a great history and culture to learn from.
Castles and Fortresses
These are numerous in Romania; with beautiful structures and history that goes with it. Each castle has its significant design and history, most intriguing. A guide is necessary to aid the tour of the castles and fortresses.

The landscape of Romania is breath taking; for artists, a source of inspiration and object of creativity; for writers, reflective means; others, a life changing experience.

Food and Wine
The food and wine in Romania are excellent enough to lure people back to visit. The people of Romania do know how to have a nice time and make their guests feel at home.

Poem for the Day - Lust

He had seen and lusted
Always had his way
Believing himself
And it all came back to him

He had taken his lust
Always had his way
Trusting himself
And it all came back to him

He was tired of his lust
Always had his way
Confident in himself
And was rid of her as lust itself

Friday, September 27, 2013

What to expect in Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste is in South-east Asia; an Island that attracts most for its simplicity and charm.
A visit to the remarkable places in Timor-Leste will help with understanding the people, culture and beliefs. The history of Timor-Leste is better understood with tour and a well informed tour guide.
Learn the ways of the people, how they enjoy the Island, the sunshine, the food and receive visitors all year round.
Have Fun
The ultimate goal is to have fun on the Island; enjoy the meals, make friends, loose yourself. Divulge yourself in Timor-Leste and every other thing can wait.

Poem for the Day - Fame

I will seek for it
And then find it
I will hold it
And never let go
I have dreamed it
And had it
I have held it
And owned it
Fame is all I want

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What to expect in Niue

To the northeast of New Zealand lies Niue, an Island in the South Pacific Ocean with a few thousands of inhabitants. Niue is well known for its remarkable history and culture; the strong religious people, museums, festivals and entertainment as well as the food and the shopping. Niue is a complete package of living life to the full. Every kind of person blends into the environment and has a unique story to tell. The stories all exciting, emotional, educating and heart warming. Some have even rumored Niue is a love site; where most have found love on their visit. A unique place like Niue brings satisfaction to all; the friendliness of the inhabitants, the charm of the environment, the taste and aroma of the dishes has gone as far as turning visitors to residents. Niue has the secret of the sweetness of life.

Poem for the Day - Possibilities

The facts lying
The truth blurry
The smile crying
The world sinless
The dark day
The matured baby
The crawling light
All possibilities

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What to expect in Montserrat

Montserrat is an Island in the Caribbean full of life, fun and pleasure. It is a reserved place for most who yearn for the quietness and beauty of the island, particularly people from busy and noisy cities find this place a safe haven.
Montserrat has very good museums that are both educative and informative. These museums give the most wanted information about the Island and where remarkable activities have taken place in the past.

Fun Beaches
There are quite a number of beaches that captivates many to spend hours outdoors socializing, tanning and surfing. The beaches are alluring as well as a good place to meet people who can play significant roles in your lives.

Quiet and peaceful life
Montserrat is known for its quietness and the peace which surrounds the atmosphere; giving all a private life and shutting out the insanity of other places. It is a good destination to think, relax and reflect.

Poem for the Day - Hatred

The pain so great
Ala's mind filled with hurt
Only one theme ruled
That of hatred

With so much hate
Ala blinded with hurt
Only one thing remained
The feeling of hatred

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Poem for the Day - Possess

That which I have not
And I yearn so
I must possess

That which I have
And love so
I must possess

That which I hope to have
And have not the means
I must possess

Life is all I have
And I strive daily
To possess before it ends

Monday, September 23, 2013

Poem for the Day - Imagine

In a dark world
Locked like animals
No hope of light
Nor freedom
Until the sun's rising

They could only
But imagine
What freedom felt
But what an imagination
With no hope of release

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Poem for the Day - Regret

if only we knew
it would not
never have occured

if only they knew
it would not
never have occured

if only she knew
it would not
never have occured

if only the regrets
would not exist
never to occur

Friday, September 20, 2013

Poem for the Day - Loss

Holding on strong
He wasn't hers
Tugging at his feet
He left her
So much invested
Sorry for no one
But herself
It was her loss
To be with one
For years so long
To bear the loss
Of someone so dear

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Poem for the Day - Pretense

In thoughts so far
If only I could be me
My life is an act
My pretense to love
To love someone I care for less
When will this nightmare
This nightmare so endless
If only I could be
With my one true
My love
Without pretense

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What to expect in Qatar

Qatar lies in the middle east; with fascinating things to do and see, warm and polite people who meet and greet and delicacies well prepared just for the satisfaction of the people.
Warm Welcome
This is always expected from the Qatari people; they are always eager to welcome guests, show them around and want them to experience life with them. It is known that everywhere you go in Qatar whether you're white, black, yellow or mixed race, the Qataris' see you as a friend and long for you to be satisfied throughout your stay.

Breath taking sceneries
The entire country has a wonderful scenery; similar to other countries but different and unique in its own way. The sceneries has often been captured by photographers for wall papers and used in movies.

Business minded people
Going to Qatar exposes many to business ideas as there are many business minded people in the country who see everything as business. These people help influence your mindset and develops your thinking as a person.

Qatar is well known for decent dressing and appearance; the problem of indecent dressing has been solved a long time ago with rules guiding citizens as well as visitors.

Organization and Structure
The country has a well defined structure that encourages organization which helps promote development. A well organized Qatar has grown to become a well developed place which has encouraged tourism and site seeing.

Poem for the Day - Cruel

A cruel world
Dark and dreary
Unlike days of old
A cruel world
Of hate and pain
Unlike days He planned
A cruel world
With blood and death
Unlike days of bliss

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Poem for the Day - Poise

Caught like a thief
Alone in the world
None could believe
All tales false
No sign of shame
No bowing of head
But with poise
She faced her sentence

Monday, September 16, 2013

Poem for the Day - Curse

Under a spell
Had they fallen
For pride and arrogance

Under a curse
They knew they were
Wicked and unforgiven

Under the earth's judgement
They found themselves
No turning back now

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Poem for the Day - Forgiven

Years had come
Decades had passed
Hurt had stained
Stain had pained
And he had forgiven

Saturday, September 14, 2013

What to expect in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is in the heart of Western Europe; inhabited by great people, culture and history.
Multicultural history
Luxembourg is popular for its multicultural history which everyone is proud of and willing to share with guests. This is an amusement and educative forum of conversation which is commonly experienced between indigene and visitor. Proud tales to be heard.

Coffee experience
They say Luxembourg has the best coffee in the world; unbelievable until you visit there. This is not a tale made by the people but by tourists and visitors. Well, it is left for you to believe it by trying the coffee when you visit.

Historic landmarks
There are several landmarks in Luxembourg, all with history and meaning. There are guides who help foreigners understand each landmark, its meaning and significance.
Don't sweat yourself out in any way, Luxembourg is a great place to expect great things of interest.

Poem for the Day - Beauty

The day as no other
Came like every other
Held one thing incomparable
A beauty never seen
Never known
A beauty never heard
Oh beautiful day
A day like Sunday

Friday, September 13, 2013

Poem for the Day - Flaws

In a world so perfect
With gifts so natural
And mankind so talented
With plants so luscious
And beasts so daring
In a world without flaws
Is a world so natural

Thursday, September 12, 2013

What to expect in Jordan

\Jordan lies in the middle east, a significant historical place where people make note to visit in their life time. Jordan offers a variety of things incomparable to other places found especially in stores.
Proper Dressing
This is vital in Jordan and highly expected of the people and their guests. Everyone is expected to wear clothes that cover most body parts. Indecent dressing is highly frowned at and should be avoided if one wants to blend in well.

Cultural Awareness
The traditions and customs of the people of Jordan is highly recognized; with proper findings and acknowledging the presence and importance of the peoples culture makes foreigners settle well.

The people of Jordan are principled and do not believe in double living and irresponsible people. They are very religious, charitable and principled.

Poem for the Day - Tragedy

Seemed the gods struck
Hard enough like a rock
They were abandoned
Enemies were here to stay
All had failed
Desolate minds
Bold enough to face their tragedy

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What to expect in Haiti

Haiti is a Caribbean country, natural, humble and simple. Like every other Caribbean country, Haiti is a holiday spot, suitable for nature lovers and easily accessible to most countries.
Good People
The people of Haiti are good, warm and friendly. They see visitors as themselves. They are always ready to help, assist and make friends. Haitians are cultural people and are always ready to share their culture with foreigners who are willing and ready to experience Haiti at its very best.

Respect is a necessity
The people of Haiti take respect seriously; from the way you dress to the way you speak, tells a lot to the people of Haiti. The people of Haiti love being themselves and expect the same from everyone; they develop a feeling of disgust from people who do not regard them or respect their culture, their country and their people.

Busy Life
Daily life in Haiti is a very busy one with traffic, people moving around and businesses being carried out. The night and weekends is usually for relaxation and rest. The people of Haiti value life and do not work all through, relaxation is key; night life, picnics, partying and clubbing are common features here that makes life fun.

Poem for the Day - Immaculate

His walk
Spoke like his talk

His frame
Told of his fame

His aura
Made him like a brother

His smile
Ran with ladies a mile

His personality
Shared a lot of his peculiarity

Monday, September 9, 2013

What to expect in Israel

Israel is a place with so much history though commonly popular for pilgrimage, there's more that makes the place sparkle.
A tour around the town is of great importance; luscious vegetation, beautiful people, rich and fancy stores and nice dishes to eat. A tour guide is always available all year round. There are historical places that take us back to tales we've heard of and read about. An open mind is needed for the tour.

Nightlife in the city that never sleeps
The nights in Israel are amazingly beautiful with lights, life and music. The city of Tel Aviv is described as one that does not sleep. It is always alive with happy people, music and excitement. It must be experienced by everyone.

Beach sites
Like every beach, the beach sites in Israel are fun to be in. Colorful and peaceful, it is a relaxing place to be with friends, loved ones and family.

Poem for the Day - Compassion

Where she was
And found herself
Was awful and horrid
She had nothing
But held compassion

Where he was
And found himself
Was sad and misery
He had nothing
But held pride

Where they were
And found themselves
Was empty and dark
They had nothing
But held compassion

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Poem for the Day - Guilt

An unseen force
Came daily to his side
Welcome to torture
For sins known
Refusal to repent
For wrongs done
Swept with guilt
Daily life a torture
Pride was a friend
Never repenting
And living with guilt

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Poem for the Day - Human

Too many faults
Mistakes rampant
Nothing could be done
No one understood
All pointed fingers
Nothing was done
As I was just human

Friday, September 6, 2013

What to expect in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is in Europe, quiet and serene with an ancient history and people with warm affection. Tourists find home in this place and always return to have a different experience.
Europa Point also known as Tip of Gibraltar
This is closest to Africa and a major spot for tourists. It has been the reason for most people to visit Gibraltar; learning the history and culture of the people.

Magnificent Rock of Gibraltar
This is a magnificent feature that makes Gibraltar stand out; made of limestone, distinct in appearance and the role it plays to each visitor. It is a natural feature that causes both amazement and amusement to all.

Sight seeing
There is a whole lot of things to see in Gibraltar; the restaurants, stores, malls, gardens and buildings. Gibraltar is worth spending the summer in or some other vacation, but it sure will be worthwhile.

Poem for the Day - Honour

At birth
He was honoured
In life
He was honoured
In death
He was honoured

Not a King
But honoured
Not royalty
But honoured
Not famous
But honoured

But mild
He deserved honour
Exceptionally kind
He deserved honour
Just human
He deserved honour

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What to expect in Easter Island

Easter Island is located on the southeast of the Pacific Ocean. It has a rather small area and can be toured successfully in two days. It has no complexity or hitches associated with it, rather it is a warm and embracing place to be.
Archaeological sites
Easter Island is popular for the archaeological sites it has to offer. The Moai are monuments which make the Island stand out. These are outstanding features that are  incomparable to no other in the world. These sites serve as entertainment as well as educative to visitors; stories, novels and poems have been written about these sites, captivating the readers and especially people who have never visited the Island.

The beaches serve as sources of inspiration to song writers, writers, artists as well as a meditative arena for all. The beaches of Easter Island have never failed anyone; they remain beautiful, reflective and magnificent all year round.

Night life
Easter Island has one of the best night lifes experienced. Often colorful with fun and excitement; loads of dishes to eat, drinks and snacks, with great melody from talented musicians and great dancers. Easter Island embraces its guests with day time adventures and an unforgettable night life.

Poem for the Day - Respect

He commanded it
Yet he respected all
They loved him so
For he made himself low

They surrounded him
Yet he embraced all
They tapped his wisdom so
For he was respect itself

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What to expect in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are twin Island nations which lie between the Atlantic Ocean and the Carribean Sea. A location popular for holidays, romantic get-aways, writers' abode and a reflective serene environment for all. 
Magical Sunset
The sunset here is always wonderful; it is all romantic, reflective, charming and alluring. The sunset has often been painted by artists and captured by photographers but nothing as wonderful as viewing it in person. It is a sight to visit Antigua and Barbuda for alone.

Alluring Beaches
The sunset is not the only amazing sight but the beaches as well. The sight and sounds from the sea coupled with the laughter and fun of beach lovers, picnickers and the splashing of the waves. The beach has a way of luring people to feel her presence for at least an hour.

Travel around the Island
A tour around the Island is of great importance; it is amusing and educating for all. It differs a lot from other Islands in content and appearance. A guide is always available to help visitors move around, learn about the peoples ways and feel warm and comfortable during their stay.

Amazing Museum
A visit to the Museum is mandatory for first time visitors. This provides the history and culture of the people. This helps understand the peoples way of life and how well to adapt with them.

Accommodating People
The people of Antigua and Barbuda are very friendly and warm. They welcome guests like family and cause visitors to yearn to stay longer and even return again.

Poem for the Day - Delight

It felt like Christmas
My heart kept beating
Loud as the drummer boy's

They were coming home
Gone too long
Blessed feeling I have

My looks mattered not
I'd have them all
Once again in my arms

Grown ups they were
Cherished I felt
Surrounded by family

Delight was the word
Joy was the feeling
Family is all

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What to expect in Yemen

It has been a secret for some time now for the luxuries Yemen has to offer its guests. With the news of unrest in the country, it has discouraged many from visiting. For those who know the secret to holidays in Yemen, they have nothing to set them back as they embark on a memorable journey to experience Yemen in its full beauty.
Trek on the Haraz Mountains
This is a good terrain for trekking and viewing the entire region. The weather is satisfying as well as the trek which is fun with so much to know, share and experience. Comfortable shoes are expected to be worn for this trek; sandals are mostly recommended since they are airy and comfortable. Trek with friends is always fun as you discuss along and compare with similar adventures had.

Experience the Arabian Seas
Swim and sail in the Arabian seas of Yemen is an expected adventure to take. The soothing water against your skin makes you spend non-budgeted hours in the water; with the feeling of 'every other thing can wait'.

Rich and delicious meals
Yemen is popular for its rich and tasty dishes such as Aseed, Fatoot, Medames and many others. The uniqueness of their meals is one reason people choose Yemen as their holiday destination. With the presence of spices in their meals, it leaves a mouth watering effect even after eaten to satisfaction.

Poem for the Day - Shame

Things are not understood
Until experienced in person
People are not whom they seem
Until faced with crises

Ignorance can start wars
Until enlightened
Many live lies
Until faced with the real truth

Shame is not felt
Until proved wrong
Acceptance of it
Is the beginning of wisdom

Monday, September 2, 2013

What to expect in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe lies in the South of Africa between Limpopo and Zambezi Rivers; unique and special in its own way, Zimbabwe has a mouth watering effect to its inhabitants as well as its visitors. Quiet but popular, Zimbabwe has so much to offer, so much to expect and so little to ignore.

A suggested visit to Victoria Falls
This is one of the most beautiful sites of the world. A trip to Zimbabwe without visiting the falls is like an incomplete trip. Victoria falls has made many fall in love with nature with its mere sight. The impact of the Falls creates a permanent feeling of love and appreciation of mother earth with its breath taking scenery. A camera is mandatory for this trip to keep the memory alive always after you return back home. Victoria Falls is a prominent tourist site which has amazed its visitors and still stands out today.

Golfing at Royal Harare Golf Club
For golfers and fun lovers, golfing at Harare's number one golf course is an exciting place to meet people, have fun and enjoy the game of golf like never before. It is recommended for visitors to golf here to ease their minds and relax while playing. This place has served as a soul healer to many due to the beauty and quietness of the place.

Adventurers would love to hunt in the wild life areas of Harare. This is expected of visitors who have hunting experience or the passion to hunt. A guide is usually provided for hunters and Zimbabwe is rich with various kinds of wild life.

With little money, shopping for souvenirs is expected; African attires, painted stones, masks, African jewelry, paintings, carvings and rare artifacts are found in local stores and around the city. A trip to Zimbabwe without an item is like no trip at all.

There are readily available tour guides and tour companies who make touring Harare and environs easy for visitors. Major places are visited, the wild life is experienced as well as Zimbabwe's night life which is rich in culture. These tours help educate as well as inculcate knowledge of Zimbabwe in practical form that can never be forgotten.

Poem for the Day - Pity

He never knew
Even when told
Old he was
Unwise as a hare

Age differs from respect
He had soiled his seat
And they fled
To see him no more

He knew not the truth
Pride had conquered him
Alone he remained
Pity was all they felt for him

Sunday, September 1, 2013

What to expect in Bermuda

Before visiting a place, it is necessary to research the place before embarking on the journey. Bermuda is one of those places which has much to expect; with so much fun and life, it is necessary to get prepared for your stay.

Expensive accommodation and groceries
Bermuda is not like every other place. The people pride themselves in their luxurious lifestyle which may seem expensive for tourists and first timers. The accommodation always comes with class and style as well as the groceries.
It has often been a surprising event for new comers particularly with the prices so high, the astonishment on their faces often gives the impression one is in Paris or some lavishly rich town like London. Bermuda surprises even its own indigenes with its exorbitance but soon enough everyone gets used to it.

Cleanliness is a major attribute of Bermuda; virtually everywhere is clean. It has this feeling that even if you do not believe in cleanliness, the sight of the environment makes you want to be a part of the trend. Bermuda virtually transforms you from who you are when you're there.

This is a major highlight of the people of Bermuda; they express themselves in a manner that a guest longs to stay on longer. Virtually everyone is friendly in Bermuda; from the taxi drivers, to the tourist guides and the elites. Everyone is happy with the world and shares this happiness with a tender smile and a gentle nod of the head. It is impossible not to make at least two friends in Bermuda.

Rent a scooter to move around
The most advisable way to move around Bermuda is with a scooter; it is easy to navigate places as well as save taxi cost. The adventure of being familiar with town is with a scooter.
Try not to over expect when you get to Bermuda in order to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Poem for the Day - September

The sun shone
So did my smile
Long awaited month
Where I would live
Live again for once

The sun my freedom
My freedom from all
Away from medication
A new chance I had
To live once again

Oh blessed September
Long awaited month
How I've yearned for you
Your arrival my joy
The sun my pride

Welcome to September

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