Monday, September 1, 2014

Signs he will leave

It is wonderful to be in a relationship and a good one too. Not all relationships are good and you can only tell if you can take the time to be sensitive. Your partner may be patient with you all the way but would not hesitate when things constantly go awry between you two.
To keep your man, ladies need to watch out for these signs.
- He avoids you
- He does not want physical contact anymore
- He does not argue with you anymore nor defend himself
- He has a bored look on his face when you are around
- He is more excited with social media than he is with you
There are more signs you can help us with and you need to keep it together. To keep a good man means keeping our acts together.

Welcome to September

Dear Readers!
Welcome to the month of September where we all discuss and contribute to the signs that exist and affects our relationships.
Love you guys for your mentions and comments on google plus.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Haunting Stories

We sometimes stumble on writings that haunt us for a very long time or even for the rest of our lives especially when such events occur within our town, country or neighbourhood.
For many with good imaginations, this would be something dreadful when the picture decides to remain with us in our minds.
A lot has been going on the world; plane crashes, loss of loved ones, ISIS beheadings, kidnapping, raping of minors, neglect of infected Ebola patients in quarantined wards.
It is one thing to read about these stories, it is another to picture it happen to someone you know. It is not the words that haunt, it is the picture you created that causes fear which haunts as long as the mind can carry it.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Almost every aspect of life has a deadline. Meeting certain levels because we keep ageing, attaining a height in our careers to save for the future, finding a partner so we wouldn't live alone when old, fulfilling our dreams because life is too short.
Deadlines make us jumpy, nervous and short of air. We aim to move faster than time and cause stress for ourselves. The watchwords are there will always be deadlines and we can only try to beat it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Before an Interview

Every normal person feels a little bit of nervousness before an interview. It is not always easy to sit and listen to someone ask you random questions especially when you are uncertain of what exactly they are seeking to grade your answers.
Interviews are numerous; job interviews, visa interviews, admission interviews, which can be nerve racking.
We need to remember two important things before an interview; focus and relax. Both sound simple but are very difficult, in order to perform well we need to respect these two.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Taking Friends for Granted

Everyone needs friends to talk to, to be with, to share experiences and listen to. Friends are kept close to the heart and even become closer to us than siblings. Most genuine friendships are taken to the end of ones life, which makes this relationship a very special one and should not be taken for granted.
Taking friends for granted is like breaking the code of conduct between and among each other. Friends are meant to be cherished not used; they are meant to be pillars, not foot mats; friends are meant to be understood not envied; friends are meant to be the wisdom we need not the folly of life.
People treat us the way we treat them. Make friends with those that bring out the best in us and makes us useful friends to others.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Best Decisons to Make

Making decisions can be very tricky. There are times when there is no wrong or right decision. It all depends on which is good  for the future.
When we find ourselves in situations like this we need to follow some steps;
- Identify the options you have
- Highlight the pros and cons of each option
- Decide which would take longer to achieve (if there is a deadline)
- Decide which would make you happier
- Stay focused and eliminate obstacles and discouragement
- Have a clear mind and breathe deep
- Then you can make the best decisions