Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sibling Rivalry

Maria locked Rhoda in the oven and just as she was about to light it up Aunt Vivian walked in. Maria was punished but she swore to punish her little sister.

Rhoda feared Maria and avoided her but they were left together most times. Both girls grew up to despise each other, though their parents thought it was normal sibling rivalry. Not until years later, Maria was arrested for attempted murder of her sister Rhoda.

New Friends

Like new wine
Sweet and appealing
Fine and generous

Like a cat
Curious and witty
Seeming to please

Like the weather
Unpredictable and uncertain
New friends are

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Switching Lives

Miserable were their lives, identical from birth. Tina and Toni decided to switch lives, work and friends. They fooled everyone and found real love in their fake lives. It was not too long when their friends noticed the changes and the show was over.

The twins returned back to their lives and appreciated every bit of the real one.


Healing Power
Sweet melodies have
Calming anger
Restoring life
So little effort
But the sound
Unique in nature
Spreading as fire
To heal and please

Monday, December 15, 2014

If Wishes came true

If wishes came true, Roli would have become the richest man in town. If wishes came true, Sarah would have married the man she loved. If wishes came true, Patricia would have a man in her life.
Roli, a postman in the neighborhood where the richest man in town lived; Sarah was married to the richest man in town and had lost Roli because her family was wealthy; Patricia, Sarah’s sister envied her sister and wished for a man, rich or poor.

Path to Freedom

Begins slowly
Climb is steep
Journey is tedious
Tongue parched
Lips scalded
Slow movement
Till path is reached
Path to freedom