Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Offering makes you no better than me

Thanksgiving Offering is a token of appreciation for kindness and goodness we have experienced. This can be in form of money, gifts, food and items. Some give their thanksgiving offering at religious centers while others give to the poor or beggars on the street or even donate it to orphanages or retirement centers.

Whenever we offer thanksgiving offering, we are cautious of who is looking; some people want the public to see what they are doing and this makes them feel they are better givers than others. Thanksgiving offering should come from the heart, irrespective of who is watching; all that matters is giving from the heart and being grateful for all in life.

Some others do not know the importance of giving; they can learn from others; cultivate a habit of showing appreciation which could be one of the ones mentioned above or the use of grateful words. All that matters is a thankful heart.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why the poor should be more thankful

This piece may sound exaggerated, but it simply is the truth. Most people are poor once and they need to be thankful since they will get to experience both sides of lack and abundance in one lifetime. Being poor reveals your true friends, your true financial planning ability and your true wit. If you observe poor people develop strategies to get out of their condition; they engage in many activities that will bring in some money, experience disappointments but still get up and try harder for days, weeks and years until that day arrives when there is a transition from poverty to riches.
Usually a gradual transition which motivates many to work even harder, have sleepless nights and a spirit of commitment. Observe the poor around you, they have the biggest dreams and plans you could never imagine. No one wants to remain poor forever.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Recognizing how to be thankful

As a traveler, Phil saw the world; the good, the pain, sunrise and sunset. He tasted all sorts of food, fruits and wine and all he could do was be thankful for the opportunity to experience the beauty of living.
 Phil observed all continents had its own unique characteristics; no countries were the same, just similar. Traveling meant a lot; to see, to do and to appreciate. It may have cost so much to move from place to place but Phil had it all planned. He was educated in the diverse persons that existed with various cultures and traditions. Phil really never believed in thankfulness, his experience made him become thankful.

Have you experienced something that made you thankful like never before? Share with us.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thankfulness and Heaven

It is a norm for many to be thankful; this is what an idealist would not do. Many people in society today are categorized here; they believe the good that comes to them is because of their good heart and good works. Such persons feel bad things happen to people with evil intentions. 

The fact of life is every human must experience good and bad, both experiences makes a person stronger. In relation to thankfulness and heaven, it does not have to be written on a tablet or penned down by a scribe; when you thank God it goes to heaven, you thank your friend, heaven records it, you are thankful for all around you and it is connected to the heavens.

Believe it or not, thankfulness is connected to the heavens and not only is it mandatory; it should be part of our culture and daily life.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Are the rich ever thankful?

They may be successful and busy but the rich do count their blessings. Not every rich person has been rich all their lives, so they know what it means to be poor, to lack and to need. When they look back at the days they needed so much, comparing it to the present they are thankful.
Rich people are not too busy to be thankful; they are even more thankful than the poor because they are in the position to help others while being poor makes them vulnerable to so much.

Are the rich ever thankful? Yes they are what about you?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Raising Children to be Thankful

Learning begins from the cradle; a man learns from infancy and imbibes what he has learnt till adulthood. Some families teach saying a prayer before every meal; when children do this from the onset, it becomes a part of them. They grow up to say prayers before each and every meal unconsciously. The same goes for the season of thanksgiving; when this tradition is observed, children grow to pass it on to other generations and it becomes a culture.
Thanksgiving is very important; raising children to be thankful will not only help them individually but as a community that will learn from these young ones and the entire population will be thankful.
It starts with one child.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lucas' way of gratitude

Raised in an orphanage, among others with little to own; Lucas was different from all others, he had a dream. He knew he would leave one day and see the world. These dreams kept Lucas going and he promised to return to the orphanage to give back.
The future arrived and Lucas' dream became  even bigger; he made himself a good and happy life, surrounding himself with thankful and decent people and soon he thought of ways of showing gratitude to where he was coming from.
The orphanage had given him hope, though not the perfect childhood, but a sense of belonging. Lucas thought he would give the orphanage the life he gave his own children; teachers who loved children and a playground, lots of books and colors, birthday parties for every child and an excursion to his home every thanksgiving where he installed an amusement park just for the children.
The orphanage was grateful but not as much as Lucas was. He made sure he was the last child to leave the orphanage with an eagerness to grow up. The children will never be in a hurry to grow up with all the support Lucas had put in.
What way do you think you can show gratitude to your past?