Thursday, October 31, 2013


As refreshing as surfing is, so is spending good money from a job well done. Hard work pays and so does honest work. In some parts of the world, these two do not help a person grow, rather it makes them appear more stupid. Corruption and cheating are the ways to move forward in most developing worlds, but they create a bad name and reputation for a person. Like surfing, to become good at it requires hardwork and discipline. Aiming for quick and fast means of making money is never the best. Be a good surfer and surf smoothly through life.

Poem for the Day - Horrid

Eyes closed shut
But wide open to the scene
Gory details hunted the soul
When they'd disappear
Was so unknown
How horrid they were
How absurd
Eyes open and closed
The image remained horrid

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The competition made them all tense. For years, they all had practiced every single day; skateboarding now seemed to be a very difficult sport. Difficulty arising from something you're familiar with can be very frustrating. Frustration comes about from high rate of competition in times like these. Focus is the word that drives a man in competition; the reward at the end of the race. Visualize yourself receiving the reward and other competitors applauding you-you will definitely get there.

Poem for the Day - Realistic

This world so true
Living like a dream
Finding out we were wrong
Why so real?
Dreams can be amended
Life remains realistic

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Poem for the Day - Impossible

Impossible it was
Separated for too long
Impossible they knew
For these two to unite again
Impossible they thought
Love could never find them
Impossible to stay apart
United at last

Monday, October 28, 2013


In the quest to save a relationship, sometimes it is necessary to handle matters like you would handle your job-tactfully. Like softball, strategies need to be taken to be a professional and skilled player; which can be implemented in relationships as well. Most people decide to bow out when things are getting complicated. Like work, when things get complicated, we usually outsource or seek professional advice. This should be the same with relationships, all relationships. When this get complicated, difficult or frustrating, seek professional help and attack the problem. Bowing out or calling it quits does not solve anything, only makes us bitter and eventually we become someone else.

Poem for the Day - Fantastic

Life appears so
In times of good
Life itself reveals so
In times of accuracy
Life is perfect in its way
In times of progress
Life is fantastic

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Poem for the Day - Great

Many born great
Never aware
Many made great
Seldom aware
To be great
To be made great
Humility is the key

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Foot volley

A talent everyone wished for but did not have, a talent he would give in exchange for a foot. Foot volley , a dream he had had all his life; a dream too painful to lose. Never regretted losing anything but his foot.
Looking back at lost items, things cherished, loved ones, always casts a shadow of setback on the lives of many. Be grateful to be alive, be happy, touch lives, reach out to many and live freely.

Poem for the Day - Fine

As fine as a flower
Were her looks that day
As fine as silk
Was her skin that day
As fine as milk
Were her teeth that day
As fine as life
Is she and will be

Friday, October 25, 2013


A tradition they often had on Saturday mornings, he was out of the picture, out of town and out of her life. It was difficult to continue this tradition without him. Similar to pancakes with a loved one on Sunday mornings; with the passing of the loved one, the tradition dies. Should the departure of a friend or a dear one determine our continuation of something we loved doing? Or rather continue the tradition with good memories of the partner gone. It is often hard to move on and get a replacement, but it is healthy to move on.
Go out and bowl again, cherish the memories you had with your friend or partner and open your heart for a new friend, he/she may just be around the corner.

Poem for the Day - Depressed

Oh how I could
How I wish I could
Take away your pain
Pain which has left
Left you so depressed

Oh how I feel
How I feel so bad
I could take your shame
If I had the strength
and you won't be so depressed

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fist ball

Not everything is a competition. Life seems so with a lot of people; competing at everything. In their relationships, jobs, social life which is all about competition. Fist ball players have this spirit which if not tamed can take over the entire mind. Competition should be restricted to sporting activities and games but not in life. The spirit of competition moves people apart; creating rift, diversity and enmity. To compete for a trophy, money and a position are totally different and should be restricted to certain areas of life and not in every aspect. This is one reason some people find it difficult to go into relationships with sports people-spirit of competition. Most sports people are mature enough to draw the line between real life and their sporting career and does not affect their relationships or friendship.

Poem for the Day - Nurture

Born to care
To nurture and tend
For one so dear
Dear to the heart
To raise such noble
Such noble blood
As ones own

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


In a panicked state we all find ourselves so many times; times of interviews, anxiety to learn of good or bad news from the mail, bills, marriage proposal, settling down and many other events life has to offer. The Gungdo is no exception. Trained to be good at the sport, it still causes panic when the moment the audience is present and the performance must be perfect. To conquer the state of panic, the first to remember is 'calm'; difficult but true. This helps the mind focus and gives the body a perfect state to do well. Gungdo professionals are exceptionally mind trained, calm and focused to perform well; all sports can learn from them.

Poem for the Day - Bereaved

In pretence she mourned
Like the bereaved
But was delighted
He was gone
In pretense she wailed
Like the sorrowful
But was glad
He was gone
In pretense she frailed
Like the widow
But was relieved
His irresponsible self was dead

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


He would stay afloat the parachute if given the chance; but he couldn't. With a family to care for and a business to run. The weight of life seemed lifted off as he floated from destination to destination. Often wondering why life could not be a free as the air and light as could be.
His eyes were shut and he was conscious of his environment; but he had so much weight in his heart he was not having as much fun as he should. Life was complex, he wished he was a bird and would soar till he was tired but he had to return home-to the job he detested, a family too noisy and a budgeted life style. But he was grateful he had reflected, it gave him a chance to see how he could visualize life like a bird; free and light.

Poem for the Day - Confront

The day had come
When the song of truth
Would be sang to some
And angered hearts sooth

The day was here
Where all will learn
The nature to bear
And only truth yearn

The day was now
Where to confront meant only
The death sentence to vow
And all revealed slowly

Monday, October 21, 2013

Poem for the Day - Advice

Given in love
Someday to prove
How right you were

Spoken in love
Soon to prove
How true you were

Sunday, October 20, 2013


The grip of the ball is one act, passing and throwing to score is another act that could change lives. The zeal and passion put into handball professionally and casually is a determined one just like life. Everyone aims to perform well to have a good and healthy old age. Most people live like sports men and women; the goal set ahead of the game of life, which should be the main aim why we get up everyday. To be the best human that ever lived, to be the best player in the place of work, to be the best partner in relationships. The most important trophy of life is leaving a legacy and being remembered well.

Poem for the Day - Say

When he did
All would marvel
What he hid
Stayed quiet like a navel
When he did bid
No one could say
For there was not a day
Not one had anything to say

Saturday, October 19, 2013


She may not have emerged number one, but she sure was the best. As if that mattered in a tournament or counted to the competitors. Number one was always the winner, always got the deals, always splashed on billboards, always spoken to by the press, always had her name and image spread across magazines that roamed the world.
It is not enough to know you are the best and settle for something other than the best; the public knows only the best and will only recognize the best. Knowing you are the best is not the end of the road, it is the beginning. Showing the world you are the best with extra effort, determination and zeal always gets you to the top. Try and try again is the slogan we all must wear up our sleeves in order to make it in life; and remember every good and lasting thing takes time to commence.

Poem for the Day - So

So what if I am me
So what no one understands
So what people are weird
So what I am perfect
So what I care less for life

So things they say are true
So I live for me alone
So none is perfect to me
So I am different
So I remain the same

Friday, October 18, 2013


A generation of hockey players before; setting the mind to become one and plans turn to reality. Success lay neither in playing well nor performing well but in believing in one’s own dream and capabilities. It was not too late for the realization to come to pass but the manner in which life took a twist. Finding oneself as a role model to many makes life more meaning ful and valuable; particularly when the way we live affects hundreds and thousands of people. It is therefore the duty of all, hockey players, sportsmen, and all to live for others and not themselves alone.

Poem for the Day - Fresh

A reminder it was
Of the early morning
Soft and sweet
Tender and cool
Innocent and pure
As fresh as morning
Was his freedom like

Locked up so long
From life and health
Freedom so differs
Wild and free
Bright and beautiful
To have a fresh start
Was his hope of freedom

Poem for the Day - Fresh

A reminder it was
Of the early morning
Soft and sweet
Tender and cool
Innocent and pure
As fresh as morning
Was his freedom like

Locked up so long
From life and health
Freedom so differs
Wild and free
Bright and beautiful
To have a fresh start
Was his hope of freedom

Poem for the Day - Fresh

A reminder it was
Of the early morning
Soft and sweet
Tender and cool
Innocent and pure
As fresh as morning
Was his freedom like

Locked up so long
From life and health
Freedom so differs
Wild and free
Bright and beautiful
To have a fresh start
Was his hope of freedom