Saturday, August 31, 2013

Poem for the Day - Fear of Threats

They seem mild
Just a couple of words
They have weight
Hunt like a wild beast
Turning on every side
Scared in the dark
Threats become serial killers
So scared at every sound
They are just words
But become humans
In time they hurt
And become animals
Devouring its victim

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Taking a stand against rebellious children

Rebellious children develop from an unloved home, when not understood by their care givers or the society or they do not feel love for themselves. When love is showered on children, they are well attended to and are given listening ears then their attitude to society will change.
The only stand taken against rebellious children is expression of love. Your actions will change their mindset, character and behavior. Rebellion can be cured from the mind and replaced with love.

Poem for the Day - Fear of the mind

What you see
Is what you believe
What you think
Is what becomes
What you imagine
Is what emanates
What you dream
Is your reality

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Taking a stand on parental guidance

The role of parental guidance does not require a person to be the biological parent of the child; it means the person is old enough to guide the child through activities and life. Most under-aged are uncomfortable with parental guidance when it comes to games to play, movies to watch, company to keep and staying up late.
Guardians and parents should not shy away from reprimanding their wards and children; they should help shape their future for a great society.

Poem for the Day - Fear of truth

Finding it hard
So hard to believe
She had been fooled

Walking into the dark
The room seemed lighter
Than her own dark mind

It was the truth
But too scared to accept
Her life over

He had left her
Like the others before
But she accepted it not

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Taking a stand against criticism

It gives some persons a lot of joy to look down, belittle the work of others; whether they have been there before or not. This is an act of bullying, where they see no good thing or kind remarks to make. Some criticisms come in form of jests, plastic jokes and passing comments.
If this has been a burden to you, speak up; hush the person, yell, scream, express yourself verbally not physically and the criticisms will come to an end.

Poem for the Day - Fear of Birthing

She knew her so well
She came with her fangs
Moving all over her
Without mercy
Wishing to die
With all hope lost
But till she overcame
She decided to stop
The end of childbirth was here
And she was glad
To be rid of her
Whom remained merciless

Monday, August 26, 2013

Taking a stand against bad luck

Life happens; what happens in life most times are ill luck or bad luck. It seems a single person is faced with all the tragedies of life; a man loses his wife, his house burns down, he loses his job, his only child leaves home and he has no one or no where to go. Our conclusion would be he has been through so much bad luck. But I would say he is facing life's tragedies.
Some people don't experience the whole ill luck at once, it comes gradually; others experience it all at once like a splash of water. The most important thing is to be consciously aware the phase will pass; they are phases of life which we will all recover from.

Poem for the Day - Fear of Tradition

Asmuch as they feared it
It hurt them
Tearing them apart bit by bit
They stood stuck firm
Enduring the gruesome shame
With endless complains daily
Tradition could not be tamed
Merely waved slightly

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Taking a stand against fears

What we fear the most is what becomes our downfall. Fear itself can cripple the mind, the soul and the body. They say it is best to face our fears; but how can we face it when we have no confidence in facing it?
Taking a stand against fears requires confidence against whatever the situation or circumstance is. We need to be prepared to face the worst to come, imagining that which is feared is loved. So be prepared to be less scared than you have ever been for your fear will be a passing circumstance.

Poem for the Day - Fear of karma

It exists
Like a lurking man
Behind the shadows
Invisible to all
Always returning the favor
Aware or unaware
Karma always occurs

He cleaned his acts
For fear of his visit
He had heard him come
To neighbors nearby
Visits were dreaded
He loved all
But he still caught up with him

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Taking a stand on your dreams

Dreams are gifts of seeing what is to come, what had come and what the present holds. Dreams can be good, bad, instructive, deceptive and confusing. Most of the time dreams are developed from our thoughts or activities.
Dreams can cause fear when graphical and appears real but you do not allow it to control you especially when you draw a line between reality and a dream. Dreams should not be taken for granted or shunned but should serve as reflectors on life.

Poem for the Day - Fear of the future

Not one of the ancestors
Had lived till my age
Was there a future?
I knew not
Will I see tomorrow?
Who could answer me
I feared so
Oh how I feared
Knowing I was first
Only I was first to see this age
Had the bloodline changed?
No one could say
If I had a future
Or it ended today

Friday, August 23, 2013

Taking a stand against poverty

It is like a disease which no one ever wants to have. It cripples the soul, distabilizes the mind and diminishes self esteem. It comes in first like a rumor, like an unwanted guest never wanting to leave. It lingers longer than wealth and it infiltrates deeply and longer, attracting more to it like a haven of bliss. Poverty is mean, selfish and brutal. When it's around, it makes the victim feel neglected and subjected to its torture of lack. But it never has the final say when a stand is taken against her.

Poverty can be fought best with the mind; thinking rich and having the ability to live without her is the best thing one can do for oneself to rid it from our lives. It costs to be poor, but it can be fought from the root; savings, wise investments, wise spending and financial advise will not let poverty have its way ever.

Poem for the Day - Fear of water

In another world
I swam
Thinking the end was near
All over me
She moved me
Engulfed me
Held me warmly
But I wasn't familiar
She felt different
Never had I known her
Or felt so possessed
I feared her so

It was her world
The life most loved
Not for me
Never for me
I'd rather remain
Safely on land
Never again
Will I attempt to be
Like others born with such
Such passion of love
But my fear of her
Made me cringe

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Taking a stand on meeting your soul mate

It may seem fruitless when all your life you have been on dates, had good friends and you are approaching thirty with no marriage proposals. All your age mates are married, your friends are married, even your colleagues are all married and there is practically no one who is free to be around you.
Then it is time to take a stand on meeting your soul mate. A clear and free mind allows you notice the person who has been trying to get your attention for the past couple of years, or the person who does favors for you without asking for payback because that person is waiting for an invite. The idea is to shut your eyes tight and open them wide along with your mind to see who your soul mate is. That person can't be too far away.

Poem for the Day - Fear of travel

Always dreamt of no return
And if we did return
Always thought all will be wiped
Wiped by unknown forces
Change she hated
Travel she despised
For fear of loss she had
And in time
Never travelled

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Taking a stand on self respect

It differs from one person to the other on how they wish to be seen; how they desire to be addressed and if taken seriously in the society.
Self respect is given by only one person-YOU; the way you take yourself is the same way others would take you. Be serious about changing your image by taking a stand on self respect; you'll be amazed at the turn out of thing. 

Poem for the Day - Fear of God

He didn't believe
But he knew
He didn't receive
But he grew

Had been the same
Ever since he lost them
It was all a game
Had to stand firm

Till he believed
When he saw
And received
All lost from the law

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Taking a stand against anger

Heat generated from anger is so strong it could bake a cake. Anger comes from within, interpreted on how best we want to perceive it. Anger makes us say things we don't mean, do things we later regret and cause us health deterioration.
It is wise to manage our anger in the best way we can; see a therapist, talk to someone, say a prayer or get your facts right before exploding.
Anyone can take a stand against anger.

Poem for the Day - Fear of Failing

Up all night
Burning candles
Then ran out of them
Then took the lantern
Couldn't afford to fail

All attentive
Listening to every word
Every detail as well
Memorized the questions
Couldn't afford to fail

Dad couldn't afford the fees
I was his last hope
If I failed I'd die
The perfect future will be dead
Couldn't afford to fail

Monday, August 19, 2013

Taking a stand on Achievement

I have met people who will stop at nothing until they have achieved something great. They have put a hold on everything in life and focused solely and only on achievement.

Taking a stand on achievement demands dedication, commitment and visualization of the reward at the end of the struggle. The smile on your face becomes priceless once this is achieved. It is like receiving a gift from Santa in the middle of the year.
Make goals, Achieve a lot, The sky is your limit.

Poem for the Day - Fear of Loneliness

What I feared
Became my co-tenant
I desired company
Always with me
Like my hair on me
But I couldn't take it
Endured for years
Kicked him out
Onto the streets
Like an unwanted object
He had hurt me
So much I embraced loneliness
He lives with me now
So close we are
We go everywhere together
I have learnt to trust him
Fear of loneliness
Became friend of loneliness

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Taking a Stand against Addiction

Being devoted to something harmful to the body and the health can be unhealthy as well as hurting to others.
Smoking, drugs, sex, drunkenness, gambling, serial killing, rape and many other things which we think are not bad or harmful but we are devoted to like pinging, texting, flirting, hacking, eaves dropping and the like.

The same devotion given to what you are addicted to is the same that should be put into recovering from it. Explore other things you love doing and replace the time of your addicted activity. Try it and you'll be surprised at how strong you are. 

Poem for the Day - Fear of Marriage

As the seasons pass
So does marriage
As the drizzle begins
So does marriage last

As fearful as a cougar
So I am of marriage
As I grew to know it
So did it lack meaning

As long as I knew
So long as there was fear
As I learned to live with it
So will I feel about marriage

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Taking a Stand on love

 When you love someone or something, it is hard to hide it. But there is a difference between love and wanting something harmful to yourself, others and God. If you can please all three, then you can defend your feelings any day at any time.

Showing love should involve kindness, good words, nice deeds and the most important is loving yourself; only then can you express yourself to others.

Poem for the Day - Fear of being poor

It was all dirt
Always the same
Poverty loomed
Like flies in Africa
I hated it
But now I live

Daily I scrap
Too scared to be poor
Never will I return
To the state we endured
Saving every penny
For fear of poverty

Friday, August 16, 2013

Taking a Stand against dominating parents

To begin with, for parents to be dominating, they must love you so much. It is such love that gives birth to dominance, trying to control your life, your ways, choose your friends and career to follow.

We can take a stand against dominating parents by understanding their concern for us by speaking with them and painting the picture of what you want in life. Tell the benefits and the challenges and above all, give them time to digest all you have said. The key word is communication. You need to communicate in order to be heard and avoid assumption

Poem for Today - Fear of life

Life was dark
Evil everywhere
I didn’t want this
Heard of the devil
Who lived on earth
Tales from my home above
And I had to be born

Life was scary
Good was nowhere
I protested against this
Made excuses
Took my time
But yet I was born
And still I fear

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taking a Stand against stringent rules

Stringent rules exist everywhere; in the home, at work, at gatherings, in school, making life unbearable. Personally one can take a stand privately against such rules by making yours that makes life meaningful, not disobeying the rules but making it flexible. An example is a work station that has so many restrictions; one can get all the fun stuff you have and enjoy them in your little corner; or expressing your feelings to the rule maker anonymously.
You never know how many people you’ll be helping.