Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last New Year

Rachael thought she would never forget last New Year; she had been through the worst break-up of her life. She had been humiliated by her boyfriend in the presence of his dozen family members. They had disliked her for reasons they would not disclose.
Rachael is looking forward to this New Year because she is spending it with her husband and his loving family. She had not felt so much love as this since her parents passed. She now leaves last new year in the past and embraces the gift this new year has for her.


These we make
Trying to fulfill
Falling along the way
But the heart knows
We have tried
And will always try
To make resolutions
And keep them

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Grandma’s Home

 It was all brown and clean; even the dust and dirt were scared of going near. It was where our summer memories lay. We grew up to embrace Grandma’s home, where the food was always hot, the cool aid always chilled, our manners were in check and neighbors lavished pastries at our arrival.
Grandma’s home lives in our memories; it is where we always long to go, home to us as a family; a safe haven where the hustles of the city are forgotten and we are safe in the arms of Grandma’s home.


It waits for no one
Valued by few
Wasted by many
Until it is gone
Many lose it
And never have it back

Monday, December 29, 2014

Love at the beach

Jack was at the beach to lick his wounds; Jill was at the beach to meditate. Both got interrupted as they caught sight of each other. Those signs people receive when they meet someone and they feel they have known them their whole life.
Jack never licked his wounds and neither did Jill meditate. They talked and laughed and made promises. They were destined to meet at the beach and fall in love. Like love at first sight which many do not believe in though it happens and still does.


Moments come
Moments go
But there are times
When we all wish
We could have some back
Maybe to change
Or maybe not
Though they come
They still go