Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Close and Different: Aries & Taurus

Nathan was born 30th March, Sean was born 30th April. They have been friends since they were kids. They grew up in the same neighborhood and schooled at same institutions. Grown up, Nathan becomes a successful politician, while Sean is a football coach at a local school.

Nathan always invited Sean for parties and dinner and every time Sean turned his invitations down. One day they met at their college reunion, Nathan teased Sean about turning his invites down because he was busy with local football. Sean sulked openly that he turned down all invites because he did not want to be introduced as the unsuccessful one.

Nathan is a child at heart, an Aries; he differs from Sean a Taurean who aims at having a secure wealthy life just like his friend.

The Honeymoon Finale

Poem for the Day - Zebu

He joined us late
It all happened so fast
All we could do was hate
This proud outcast
Proving a leader with mate
A zebu like us till date.

Monday, April 29, 2013


Close but Different: Gemini & Cancer

Their birth times may be close to each other i.e. May 21 to June 20 and June 21 to July 22, but they differ in many ways.

Paul is a Gemini, his girlfriend Malia is Cancer. Paul is an ambitious Instructional Designer who aims for a promotion at his work place; Malia is a laid back clerk at the Post Office who is solely concerned with her relationship with Paul; their financial stand and if they'll end up getting married. Paul wants Malia to push him words of mouth so he can attain a certain height. He thinks she is insensitive, she thinks he is ambitious. Truth is, they are both different.

The Honeymoon continued

to be continued...

Poem for the Day - Javanese

I pride myself
In my looks
My silvery fur
And piercing eyes.

They are proud
Of my good looks
They adore me
And speak praises of me.

Not a regular cat
But an angelic one
Attention magnet
Everywhere we go.

I seem to attract all
My life I love
The stares I accept
Never to trade for the world.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Close but Different: Leo & Virgo

Relationships tell different tales with different people. Leos are known to cut ties with people whom they experience broken relationships with. Virgos on the other hand are often taken for granted as they are sensitive people.

Birth dates may be close but they still differ in many ways.

The Honeymoon continued

to be continued...

Poem for the Day - Armadillo

Patterned beautifully
Living in Green
Living in Brown
Scuttling around
Proud in his peculiar skin
Curling up in a ball
Away from danger
The Armadillo remains special.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Close but Different: Libra & Scorpio

Librans and Scorpios have something in common which I'll term closeness; they both compromise. They often please others or better said, settle for what is available. They both do not go extra miles to achieve what is set to be done.

Librans differ from Scorpios because they are easier to relate with and understood than Scorpios who are masked people; you never can boast of what really goes on with them because they shield themselves a lot.

The Honeymoon continued

to be continued...

Poem for the Day - Ibis

A day never to be forgotten
The day an Ibis saved me
Her long curved beak
Searched through grassland
I had like every ant
Run all errands possible
Retiring at evening
Along came Ibis
In search of food
Holding me in her beak
I pleaded
She starred
She thought
Finally let me go
I respect Ibis.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Close and Different: Sagittarius & Capricorn

Sasha loves to go on adventurous trips. Lydia is a business woman who has fun taking business risks. These women are both successful. Sasha is a Sagittarian and Lydia is Capricorn. They both engage themselves in what makes them happy. They both love adventures but in diverse ways. Sasha loves to go the whole mile; while Lydia would cautiously take risks she can predict their outcomes.

The Honeymoon continued

to be continued...

Poem for the Day - Zorse

She was beautiful
Beautiful in a rather different way
She seemed to have multiple personalities
In appearance though
My companion thought a horse was she
A zebra another suggested
We argued over her
Then she turned
She was even more beautiful
And proclaimed a Zorse she is.
We chuckled aloud
For we never heard such
But she was right
As we marched into our anthill
Leaving her beauty all by herself.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Close and Different: Aquarius & Pisces

Aquarians and Pisces share a similarity of mystic. Aquarians yearn to understand mysteries and Pisces individuals are mysterious in addition to the fact that their birth dates are close.

They differ a lot in what they pursue in life. Most Aquarians are humanitarians while Pisces people are leaders. In love and relationships, when it goes awry, Pisces are disorganized but Aquarians handle it rather well and only limit themselves in what they believe in.

The Honeymoon continued.

to be continued...

Poem for the Day - Yak

We moved in groups
Watching each others back
Grazing while we moved
Chatted along in clicks
Never known a family so dear
Never plan to
For a herd of Yak
Is the best family ever.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Leaning on Capricorn

Capricorns love to stand out; seeking attention and admiration from all around them. This gives them a feeling of importance and belonging.
When leaning on Capricorns, it is advisable to be careful; you may be leaning on a hoax or someone who is trying to be what he is not.

The Honeymoon continued

 to be continued...

Poem for the Day - X-ray Tetra

A beauty to behold
Clothed in translucent layer
More beautiful than other fishes
Unique and dynamic in gold
Like a rare gem
X-ray Tetra stands proud under water.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Life around Scorpio

Scorpios are unique people always aiming at triumphing in everything they do. Life with Scorpios is always challenging, goal setting and achieving. Scorpios are wise and cautious in their dealings. They try so hard not to slack in every aspect of their lives.

Life around Scorpios teaches a lot and reveals less about them. They are known to be masked people saying the opposite of what they actually mean.

Be observant if you live with a Scorpio.

The Honeymoon continued

to be continued...

Poem for the Day - Whippet

Once there was a Whippet
A Whippet there once was
Quiet in all manner
Lying still glaring
Tall like no other dog
Gentle as a lamb
So unlike an animal.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dwelling with Virgo

Virgos are found in all works of life. They are very creative and sensitive people born between August 23 and September 22; they always offer their service to others. This is where others take advantage of them particularly when dwelling or living with them. People take Virgos as helps, maids, service men because it is in their nature to serve others. It is only natural for Virgos to be that way, so in order to live at peace with Virgos they need to be respected and shown love as well.

The Honeymoon continued

to be continued...

Poem for the Day - Vervet Monkey

On a rainy day
We met and ever since
Friends so dear we became.

Sitting alone and distant
Among ever green leaves
Thoughts so far
So far away.

I approached this loner
And happy was he
So long he had wished
Wished for someone-a friend.

We Vervet monkeys
Filled the space
Spaces empty in each others lives
Called monkey friendship.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Duty of Cancer

A very observant person would have noticed how Cancers act in society. Cancers are born between 21st June and 22nd July. Cancers are very caring people with the duty of showing compassion to others. This is experienced among friends, relations, neighbors and even strangers. This duty is untamable, they are born with it and therefore do not think before performing any act of care.

Cancers may have personal issues and traits but their duty to all does not falter.

The Honeymoon continued

to be continued...

Poem for the Day - Uakari

Always scared
And I wonder why
I had to confirm
And confirm I did.
Down the path
Through the bushes
Down the stream
I stared and stared
My face so pink
All hairy body
Dark buttoned eyes
Flat large nose
Straight wide mouth
I am a mixture
Mix of man and monkey.
I turned my back
From the stream
And sighed
All must accept me
A Uakari I am.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Coping with Pisces

Pisces are easy going people who paint the world just the way they want to see it. A times referred to as pretentious, they are not, it is just the way they want to live life.

Pisces individuals are not difficult to cope with, just a little sensitive when it comes to relationships. Pisces people take relationships very serious and when disappointed it is hard for them to get back on their feet. They are delicate people in this area of life; other than that, they are easy to cope with any day.

The Honeymoon continued

to be continued...

Poem for the Day - Toucan

They say a butterfly is beautiful
Try seeing a Toucan
With a bright orange beak
There's a bright orange eye frame to match.
With a green beak
Of course a green eye frame to match
Who knew of such beauty
Favored by your maker
Never found everywhere
But respected where found
Never has such beauty been seen
Like the beauty of the Toucan.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Life's picture with Taurus

Taureans love to set themselves aside and watch others live their lives. They see life as a movie playing before them. They do not go to any extent to try to change and amend the world. They believe it is the way it is for a reason.

Taureans have a hidden spirit which would rather observe life and its activities rather than being a part of it.

The Honeymoon continued

to be continued...

Poem for the Day - Sponge

My world gives joy
I wish all could
But live in my world.

My world is colorful
I wish all could
But see the colors in my world.

My world is peaceful
I wish all could
But experience the peace in my world.

My world is beautiful
I wish all could
But be beautiful like my world.

My world is my home
My home at sea
Seen through the eyes of a Sponge.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The role of Aquarius in Society

Aquarians, however much they try, cannot be hidden in the society. Mostly being innovators and humanitarians, they stand out in society.

Aquarians develop the society with their contribution of creation and assistance. They do not believe in stagnation nor backward way of life; rather they see the positivity of a situation before transformation even begins. Aquarians help others see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Honeymoon continued

to be continued...

Poem for the Day - Rottweiler

He came to us on a rainy day
He was small and frail
He had nothing to say
But a friendly demeanor.

At night where he lay
We stood watching him
He wanted so much to stay
With an attitude so dim.

As the sun shone gay
We hurried to see
But he was gone by day
Our Rottweiler was out with Dad.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Contribution of Sagittarius

Sagittarius’ are strong believers in the impossible things of life. They are adventurous people and their way of life creates excitement and appeal to those around them.

Sagittarius’ contribute immensely to the society because of their happy nature. They are free spirited and nothing bothers them so much like the average person.

Sagittarians' put smiles on people’s faces, promote independence and are big hearted individuals.

The Honeymoon continued

to be continued...

Poem for the Day - Quokka

Snow was falling
Falling yet again
Young were wailing
Wailing without sleep to gain
Who would save us from freezing?
Freezing tonight in pain
An option would be moving
Moving to a territory more sane

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cohabiting with Libras

Libras are easy going people with uncomplicated lives. It is easy to cohabit with Libras; the following points will help you cohabit with Libras.
1. Don't overemphasize of trivial issues with Libras.
2. Live freely with Libras, you'll learn how to live life the easy way.
3. They are independent people.
4. They love to please people.
5. They settle for what is available and not best.

The Honeymoon continued

to be continued...

Poem for the Day - Prawn

A little queer
She looked
All whiskered
Like mother's kittens
She was for dinner
Staring with great blue eyes
The thought of she
She being served
Gave me a shudder
Prawn was for dinner.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Life with Leo

Leos are stars; they actually illuminate the lives of people who have contact with them. Leos attract people, particularly friends as well as opportunities.

When living with a Leo or planning to live with one, a major factor must be considered and that is relationship. To be in a relationship with a Leo, one must be faithful and devoted just as a Leo would. If you do not take relationships serious or considering a fling or short term affair, Leos are not ideal for these. Leos do not forget a broken relationship easily. It is therefore necessary to avoid hurting them.

Life with Leos takes you to greater heights. They expose you to new ideas and opportunities as well as adventures. It is an added advantage to have Leos as a friend or partner.

The Honeymoon continued

to be continued...

Poem for the Day - Ocelot

She was after me
I had no idea why
Up the hill she came
Down the path came she
Her disappointment my joy
I turned to stare
To stare at her in the face
And the cat realized
She realized she was wrong
I wasn't a cat
Never was, Never will
But a unique ocelot.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A World with Gemini

The Gemini as earlier described as people who love to be ahead of the crowd. Gemini have the attribute of being crafty, they love to know little about everything and show what they know.

A world with Gemini is not boring, not even for a second; rather it is an informative world where the unknown becomes known. To learn more about life and other things of the world, Gemini are the ideal people to be with as they tend to know a bit more than others.

The life of Gemini is always full of adventures and new things to discover and uncover. They are worth sharing ones world with.