Monday, November 3, 2014

What to be Thankful for

Every morning Tanya wakes up, she tries to reflect on her life; the reason she should get up or remain in bed. Her past still looms around her, her present is frustrating and her future seems bleak. Tanya takes her blanket and buries her head in it, then she remembers; she has a roof over her head, she has a man who loves her, she has a cat who depends on her and friends that rely on her and most of all she has something to contribute to the world to make it a better place.
Tanya throws off the blanket and goes to her computer to pen down what she is thankful for; she forwards it to her family and friends and they forward it around. In an hour, there are over fifty people who are thankful for something and wouldn’t have realized it if Tanya decided to remain in bed all day.
Make a list today of what to be thankful for; you will be surprised at how long your list is.