Saturday, November 1, 2014

Things to be Thankful for

There are so many good and bad that life has give us and it is our role to be thankful. Most do not realize how important it is to be thankful but doing a little exercise of writing these things down do not only help us know how good life has been and how blessed we have been over the years and over the months. Here are a few things to be thankful for;
1.       Sound Health
All those reading this blog have no ailments and if some of them are on a sick bed, they are sure of getting out of it. What’s not to be thankful for?
2.       Sane Mind
We have a stable mental condition and are not addicted to crack, high on marijuana and are free from brain tumors; reflecting with ease, memory in check and thinking straight.
3.       Freedom
We are not locked up for a crime and if some of our readers are, there is hope you will gain your freedom soon. We can move at anytime we choose, take walks, jog, runs, swim and even bike and drive somewhere without help.
4.       Independence
We are not hostages of circumstances or criminals. We are old enough, wise enough and free enough to make our decisions without being pushed around.
5.       The Future
Most and probably all of us have big plans for the future. We know it will be bigger than the present and the past. It is when all our planned dreams will come true.
6.       The Present
This is much better than the past. We are certain of progress, though the future is unsure, we are positive of a better tomorrow.
7.       The Past
We all have remarkable pasts; some we are proud of, some we want to wipe out completely. The past grooms us for the future, helps us to avoid some paths and embrace others; refines us for the future to help ourselves and others.
What other things are you thankful for? Share and let us include in our list.