Monday, November 10, 2014

Erin’s way of gratitude

It was not the best times of her life but she knew she ought to be thankful. Erin had been through a nasty divorce and lost custody of her children because she worked hard to give her children a better future. Erin had missed it all; she had neglected her family in sowing for the future. It was not intentional but what she thought was right. She needed to fix things, to make things right. Her job did not seem so valuable now she had lost all she loved.
Erin found a way to express her gratitude; she went to a gift shop and bought three gifts for her husband and her children each attached with a card saying ‘I am Thankful for you’. Erin had been bitter for the past weeks due to her loneliness, but this thought made her feel like a better wife, a better mother and a better person.
Erin posted the gifts and felt peace. She knew the bitterness that had left her would eventually find a way to leave her loved ones. Erin returned to work and gradually healed by thinking about the times she had spent with her loved ones. They were in her dreams, her illusions and eventually in reality.
Erin’s gifts had sent the most powerful message she had ever given. Her husband and children could not live without her and they learnt how to be thankful from someone they never thought could teach them something so valuable.
How do you show gratitude?