Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thankfulness provides second chances

A man once boarded a train with a student of his. The student was not one of the brightest in class and he shied away from his lecturer. At the next stop, the lecturer patted the student’s shoulder and said ‘Thank you for shying away from me, your performance is the same as your character’ and he was off the train.
The student felt insulted. He swore to be better than his proud lecturer. After two years, the student graduated top of his class and met the lecturer once again on the train. This time, the student patted his lecturer, ‘Thank you for the criticism, I wouldn’t have made it without your mean words’. The lecturer shook the student’s hand and confessed the words were meant to make him work harder and he was glad his ‘not so bright student’ was a success.
If you were the student, how would you feel?