Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Offering makes you no better than me

Thanksgiving Offering is a token of appreciation for kindness and goodness we have experienced. This can be in form of money, gifts, food and items. Some give their thanksgiving offering at religious centers while others give to the poor or beggars on the street or even donate it to orphanages or retirement centers.

Whenever we offer thanksgiving offering, we are cautious of who is looking; some people want the public to see what they are doing and this makes them feel they are better givers than others. Thanksgiving offering should come from the heart, irrespective of who is watching; all that matters is giving from the heart and being grateful for all in life.

Some others do not know the importance of giving; they can learn from others; cultivate a habit of showing appreciation which could be one of the ones mentioned above or the use of grateful words. All that matters is a thankful heart.