Friday, November 28, 2014

Do we give to the right people?

It is often preached to give, which we do but how do we know we are giving to the right people? Question is who are the right people who need our gifts, time and resources? These are the people whom our conscience touches us to give to. Some of the people we can give to can be found here;
1.       Homeless people can be given money and extra clothes
2.       Lonely people can be given time
3.       Needy people can be given resources
4.       Sick people can be given vitamins and healthy food
5.       Rich people can be given advice and a listening ear
6.       Depressed people can be given words of encouragement
7.       Happy people can also be encouraged to share their happiness with others
Everyone needs someone to give something to; giving to others does not require deciding who is the right or wrong person. We should be thankful we are in the position to give to others.