Sunday, November 2, 2014

People to be Thankful to

Some people have played remarkable roles in our lives and we may never forget such people for their remarkable roles in our lives. Certain people could be;
1.       Our Parents/Guardians, who have been there for us probably since birth and guide us through life and prepare us for what to expect. They could have done it together as a couple or as a single parent, but if they have been there, we need to be thankful to them.
2.       Our Friends, who are there when we need them. They sacrifice their time and resources to help us and give up their lone time to help us out of loneliness.
3.       Our Neighbors, who open their doors at all time to listen to our fears, give us a shoulder to cry on and lend us a cup of sugar in the middle of baking bread.
4.       Our Colleagues, who out of the rivalry in the workplace pop an advice for us to carry on; who smile at us when we get a promotion and they do not; who looks out for us and fills in for us when we call in sick.
5.       Our Spouses, who accept us when we are sick, in the worst of conditions and patient with us when angry and rude. Who help us with house chores and keep us afloat marital chaos.
6.       Our Children, who are there for us when we have no one to talk to. Who sacrifice time, friends and fun to make us happy and deprive themselves youthful holidays to spend them with us.
7.      Our Family, who have helped us through the years. Paid bails, parking tickets, raised us when financially down and kept our worst secrets; they are our lifelines most of the time.
8.       Our Mentors, who we may never have met but we try to follow their paths. They have given up irresponsible lives to set good examples for people like us to follow. They live in high standard to keep you and me afloat.

There are many more out there that we need to be thankful for, reflect and find them all out to be thankful to them all. We here are thankful for Google Team and their images that beautify our blog. Who are you thankful for?