Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lucas' way of gratitude

Raised in an orphanage, among others with little to own; Lucas was different from all others, he had a dream. He knew he would leave one day and see the world. These dreams kept Lucas going and he promised to return to the orphanage to give back.
The future arrived and Lucas' dream became  even bigger; he made himself a good and happy life, surrounding himself with thankful and decent people and soon he thought of ways of showing gratitude to where he was coming from.
The orphanage had given him hope, though not the perfect childhood, but a sense of belonging. Lucas thought he would give the orphanage the life he gave his own children; teachers who loved children and a playground, lots of books and colors, birthday parties for every child and an excursion to his home every thanksgiving where he installed an amusement park just for the children.
The orphanage was grateful but not as much as Lucas was. He made sure he was the last child to leave the orphanage with an eagerness to grow up. The children will never be in a hurry to grow up with all the support Lucas had put in.
What way do you think you can show gratitude to your past?