Friday, February 1, 2013


Love is a natural sensual feeling felt by a person to others, a pet, an object or anything that makes us feel happy, loved and belonged. We consider February a month of love because Valentine falls in this month, though love is experienced all round the year by everyone around the world at all times.

Love is a times selfish; not being wanted to be shared with anyone else. Sometimes we experience such selfish love among young ones who discourage their boyfriends or girlfriends from having anything to do with the opposite sex because of fear of losing them.

Love must come with trust. If trust exists in love, then the love grows and conquers all. Trust betrayed tarnishes the love felt by people who later in life conclude never to love again.

Love is giving your all-time, resources, energy. When people love, they do not expect in return. They give all they’ve got because they love.

What kind of love do you practice or experience?