Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to act when in love

Everyone has their own personal way of acting when in love. I’ll give you some instances:
A friend of mine, Thomas was in love with a girl, Tango and instead of telling her how he felt, he was acting to be in love with someone else so that he could get Tango’s attention.

Another friend, Ella has been in love with a guy for over five years and all she did was stalk him.

Sometimes girls find it demeaning for them to express themselves to guys and some guys are shy about telling some girls exactly how they feel.

Here are some ways I feel we could act when in love:
  1. Be friendly with the person
  2. Be calm and mature
  3. Avoid rude comments and rash behavior
  4. Try to understand the person
  5. Express yourself in words (written or verbal)

If you have been in love before, share some of the ways you think we can act when in love.