Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to find a Valentine

This is simply a problem most of us battle with in the month of February. Being single is not a stigma, neither is it our fault. But as the day of valentine approaches, we all have the right to spend it with that special person we’ve known or just met.

Here are some tips on how to find a valentine:
Be Natural: We must play natural at work, at school, with friends in our social life in order to attract that one special person for that one special day.

Don’t Search: Whatever you do, do not search for a valentine. Let the law of attraction take its course. When you do not search, you will find that person who has been there all along without you even noticing.

Be ready to share: Valentine is a day to share love, time, friendship, gifts, a meal, a drink. So configure your mind to be willing and able to share for that special day with that special person.

Free your Mind: Do not limit yourself or focus on people within your immediate community. That person may be someone you’ll meet when picking up your valentine gift. Just be free minded. It could be anyone.

Be Positive: Our positive minds attract positivity. When we stay positive on having the best valentine ever, we will learn how strong our minds can be to receiving exactly what we want.

More suggestions on how to find a valentine? Please share.