Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to fall in love

There are no strategies or methods on how to fall in love. But the important thing is falling in love the right way without hurting or harming anyone. A guy once fell in love with me, but looking back at it all, it wasn’t love but infatuation because he became obsessive and intolerable. He was in my hair and over possessed me. That is the wrong way to show or express love and it is kind of scary.

Usually, love is felt at first sight, other times it is unconsciously when you like what you see in this person. Sometimes love grows from constant company of friends when you realize you love being with this person.

How to fall in love must be natural, not aggressive, not demanding, taking time to confirm it is love you feel and not infatuation, being selfless, sacrificing and enduring.

Share a memorable way you fell in love.