Friday, February 8, 2013

How to love your Spouse

Love does not begin at dating and end in marriage. Love grows stronger when marriage exists. Love is like water nurturing a plant. Once a marriage is watered with love and affection, the union becomes stronger.

How to love your spouse must be natural, treat them like you would treat yourself. Be expressive and compassionate even when you would criticize, do so in love. Spouses are meant to be our pride not cases of ridicule and disgust.

Most of us experience some loveless days with our spouses, but such days are not meant to last, they should be as brief as possible, we are all humans who face challenges from time to time.

We should learn to admire, praise, encourage and support our spouses no matter what situation we find them. Our presence and show of love elevates, uplifts and develops our spouses well being and morale.

How do we suggest we show love to our spouses?