Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Money Found

Spring was just ending; Lillian was feeling good with herself. She decided to go for a run down the park that evening. After running for about two kilometers, she caught the sight of a red bag beside the road. Lillian paused and shrugged, she did not want to get involved in any funny business. But the thought of the bag nagged at her.
Lillian decided to check the bag for an address. The bag had no address but it was filled with money; the sum would be over three thousand pounds, Lillian guessed. She contemplated taking the bag to the station or home; Lillian decided to take it home. She waited for an announcement in the papers or on the news but there seemed to be no lost and found news.
It was three months and Lillian still kept the money found. Soon after, Lillian began to spend the money until there was none. Lillian forgot the incident and the money; they were both in the past. Tragedy struck soon after, Lillian was robbed and all her valuables were taken; her neighbors gathered to sympathize with her.
One of the neighbors tried to calm her, he told her he had lost a bag of money while moving into the neighborhood but no one had reported it at the station where he had filed a complaint. Lillian froze.