Friday, November 15, 2013

The Perfect Clothes for the Right Occasion

Every occasion, no matter how simple or complex the event; the perfect clothes to rhyme are the best to put on. Consider these events and the right outfits to wear.
-Cocktail Party
-Friends Hang-Out
-Meeting the In-laws
-Dinner with Colleagues
-Pool Party
A Cocktail Party will be ideal if a dinner gown (short/long) with heels are worn by the ladies and a dark suit will be suitable for the guys.
Friends Hang-Out would be most appropriate with jeans and a t-shirt will go for both men and women.
Meeting the In-laws; anything decent , avoid jeans especially on first meetings.
Dinner with Colleagues goes with a blend of both corporate and casual wears.
Pool Party; shorts, swim trunk and tank are appropriate.

Any more ideas on events and outfits?