Saturday, November 2, 2013

Preparing for Engagement

Most women wonder why he wouldn't pop the question; having dated for years and planning the future, but there is no ring or aim to take the big step. Here's what to do.
Ladies, plan the engagement. Tell your man how you want to be proposed to, what type of ring you want (please be modest) and where you want it to happen. If he doesn't propose after two weeks, then create a story of how you bumped into an old friend who had a crush on you and you thought he was going to propose when you both went out to lunch.
Tell your man you were mistaken, your friend was only presenting you a gift and not a ring, but you chose not to take the gift. Also, tell him if it was a proposal you would have considered accepting to marry him.
Note the look on your man's face. If he is angry, tell him the story was made up; if he is sober, ask him when he'll propose and why the delay? No matter the look on his face, tell him the story was made up-you only needed an answer.