Monday, March 2, 2015

My thoughts on Life

Many times people wake up and have no reason to get out of bed. It is either their jobs are so boring, their lives are miserable or they have no hope for tomorrow. Life is seen as a hard phase for some while it is a battle field for others and a bed of roses for few. But my thoughts lie on life being all three and much more.
My thoughts on life centers around the fact that life teaches all what the future holds. Life is challenging, a teacher and an institution that must be taken compulsory by all who are born and created on the planet.
Many survive life for decades, while others live for a short period of time. But what is most fascinating is ‘the good ones’ die young and the evil live so long. Does it mean the good ones leave so that life would not stain them? Or the evil ones live for a chance of repentance? Only life has the answers.
If life had the tongue of humans, then it would tell all why good things happen and why bad things happen. Life would educate all on how to behave and act towards others to receive the best from it. But life has no tongue to tell rather it acts on people’s lives so that others may learn.