Monday, February 1, 2016

I know it's Love

What else could it be? When he looks at her in a way so different from others, It has to be love.
 But how would you know unless you are told? It's the way he expresses it and the way she responds. For many years, they have been good to each other; caring and sharing. Forgiving and respecting each other. What more would you call it?
They share the same things in life. They build and raise each other up. People have learnt about love from them by merely staring, not knowing them in person. And when they are angry with each other, they do yell and fight like other humans, but after a while, they make-up and forget each other's wrong.
I know it's Love; it is the feeling which radiates around them. It is like a halo which moves with them constantly. You would know if you saw it too or ever felt love before. They share it daily when they walk around and people stare. They are used to the stares, it's been there for years. They do not mind anyone but keep their feelings for each other strong.